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Top Pet Products of 2008 Reviewed – See the Top 5 Products!

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
Email To A Friend Print "Takes On" the H.H. Backer Spring '08 Pet Trade Show

The H.H. Backer Spring '08 Pet Trade Show is one of the largest pet product shows for pet retailers and distributors. They show off thousands of really cool pet products. attended this show to discover new products and services to share with you -- our loyal Petplace community. We realize that there are always new solutions budding out there to the problems you have each and every day. And, we were there to bring them to you.

This show was amazing and the creativity of the vendors was outstanding. We discovered everything from a coffee table with an aquarium built into the top to a bizarre dog toy that was a 4-foot rubber chicken that obnoxiously swanked when squeezed. And for dogs with creative talents, one company had a product called the Pupcasso. It is a special sheet containing paint that is designed for your dog to walk on and create funky designs you can be proud to display as art created by your pooch.

The products and displays at this show was amazing. The booths could be described as high-tech and avant-garde -- from clothing, décor, furniture, grooming products, toys, and food.

Some of our favorite vendors were the sporty, the gourmet, and the hip and trendy California style clothing from

The humans who attended were obviously crazy about their pets. And, the pets that attended were among the well-trained, stylishly groomed, and best dressed in their class.

Our Pet Product Contest

To have a bit more fun, held a contest between the manufacturers of new products. A team of elite panelists chose five of the best new products featured at the show to share with you. The five winning products will be featured on the homepage for you to enjoy June 16 – 23. We hope you take some time to learn about these great products and see if they are right for your pets.
Here are the 5 winners:

The Comfy Cone – a soft and comfortable "E-collar" that allows a dog to be comfortable but prevents them from licking or chewing on incisions or banadages. It provides unrivaled comfort for pets who are healing.

HduO Water Dispensing System – This product provides a healthy system for a continually fresh & cool water supply for both humans and pets.

Scratch 'N Shapes – This comfy and cool bed/scratching post provides unbeatably pleasing and
alluring scratchers for the most finicky of felines.

Super Skamper-Ramp – This lifesaving ramp is created to provide safe access for pets to get out
of water.

Busy Buddy Tug-a-Jug – This cool toy engages all of your dog's senses & intelligence with this wonderful feeding and playtime product.

Want Coupons and Savings?

Please help us provide you with coupons and savings specials that may be right for you. Tell us what you might want. Take our quick survey. Go to: Click Here to take survey plans on taking you to future shows. So, stay tuned for more great products that are on their way!

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Top Pet Products of 2008 Reviewed – See the Top 5 Products!

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