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Toy Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Are you looking for a toy breed dog? Click on the breed name to read the full breed profile.

Affenpinscher. Also called the monkey terrier, the affenpinscher is a toy dog with a face similar to that of a monkey. Round eyes and a soft ruff around the face give this breed his characteristic look.

Chihuahua. What the Chihuahua lacks in size he certainly makes up for in personality. Faithful and protective, this dog fits in great in even the smallest of apartments.

Chinese crested. This breed is slowly gaining popularity. Not completely bald, the Chinese crested has some puffs of hair on the head and may have a very spotted skin. Despite his weird appearance, the Chinese crested is a great family pet.

Italian greyhound. As the smallest member of the sighthound group, the Italian greyhound is thought to have originated in Greece and Turkey. Eventually popular with Italians in the 16th century, this diminutive dog looks just like a miniature greyhound.

Japanese chin. Described as elegant yet comical, the chin is not well known in the United States. The dog is considered part of royalty in Japan, but in this country has been referred to as the Japanese terrier. The dog has a distinct Oriental expression and an amazingly luxuriant coat.

Maltese. This popular breed of royalty expects to be treated like a princess. With a long flowing white coat, the Maltese does require regular grooming but prefers to be pampered instead of working for a living. This results in a docile and great apartment companion.

Manchester terrier - Toy. These dogs require only a weekly brushing for a good grooming, but, like all dogs, require a brisk, daily walk or romps. They have a lot of energy indoors or out, so be prepared for some play after work.

Miniature pinscher. Contrary to the belief of some, the miniature pinscher is not bred down from the Doberman pinscher. In fact, the breed is the older of the two and is something of a cross between the greyhound and the terrier. They are alert and like to investigate, so they typically roam the household.

Papillon. Popular in the days of Louis XIV, this little dog has erect ears with fringes, giving the appearance of a butterfly. For this reason, it was name papillon, French for butterfly.

Pomeranian. This little fluffball looks just like a tiny fox. Weighing around 5 pounds, the Pom is an adorable breed that thrives on human companionship.

Poodle - Toy. The poodle is an ancient breed with paintings representing the breed dating as far back as the 13th century. They hate to be alone and prefer the company of people instead of other dogs.

Toy fox terrier. Weighing in at 7 pounds, the toy fox terrier is a tough little dog. With a smooth hair coat, the toy fox terrier does not have the wiry coat characteristic of other fox terriers.

Yorkshire terrier. The Yorkie is a tiny dog with lots of spunk. They are happy to spend their days lounging on the sofa, but these calm dogs require regular grooming.

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Toy Dog Breeds

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