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Training with Collars and Halters

By: Wendy Christensen

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What About Leads?

A sturdy, six-foot leather, nylon web or chain lead securely fastened to a metal ring on the collar is a practical and versatile choice for everyday use. For special situations, such as training, maneuvering through crowds or long country rambles, consider a lead with a reel that you can set to any maximum length, from less than a foot to several dozen feet. Before setting out with your dog on lead, always tug firmly on the connection between the lead and the collar to insure that it's secure.

It's Up to You

The right collar and lead can keep your dog safe and secure in any situation, insure his return home should he become lost, and even enhance his natural good looks. But no collar or lead, however sturdy, well-designed or high-tech, is a substitute for training, discipline and proper socialization. Every dog should instantly and reliably obey these five basic voice commands: Wait, Down, Come, Leave it, and Give. Whatever style of collar and lead you choose, it's up to you to train and socialize your dog so that he'll be welcome wherever you take him.

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Training with Collars and Halters

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