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Uncommon Dog Names

By: Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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  •         Uno
  •         Usker
  •         Utley
  •         Vader (short for "Invader")
  •         Valdez
  •         Veda
  •         Veda Blue Paws
  •         Vegas
  •         Venamous (aka nickname Venny)
  •         Venus
  •         Vester
  •         Veto
  •         Video
  •         Vikingo
  •         Vinegar
  •         Virginia
  •         Visage
  •         Vito
  •         Vocal
  •         Wag - because his tail is like run by a motor that never stops
  •         Wallet
  •         Warner
  •         Warrior
  •         Way Cool
  •         Weasel
  •         Wee-wee
  •         Westie
  •         Wexford
  •         Whiskey
  •         Whisper - (as in "soft as a whisper" for her coat)
  •         Whispering Dawn
  •         Who - (short for who's on first)
  •         Wicca- named for a dog that is all white and bewitched her owner.
  •         Wiggle
  •         Wild Thing
  •         Windy
  •         Wink
  •         Winkie
  •         Winslet
  •         Winston Churchill
  •         Witlof - (Dutch for a kind of cabbage)
  •         Wolfface
  •         Woogie
  •         Worthless
  •         Wyatt
  •         X-box
  •         Xanax
  •         Xandra
  •         Xena- because of her distinctive puppy cries
  •         Yahnabara
  •         Yahzee - one of the Navajo in the movie "Wind Talkers"
  •         Yogi
  •         Yoshi - which means adopted male child in Japanese.
  •         Yoshi (Mario Bros. pet dinosaur)
  •         YouSing
  •         Yuengling – for Yuengling beer, the oldest brewery in the country
  •         Yuma
  •         Z-Z
  •         Zakk - for guitar player is Zakk Wylde.
  •         Zara
  •         Zenite (zen-eat) which means zenith in Portuguese
  •         Zephyr - from a whiff of a cattle ranch right after I picked up the little puppy
  •         Zeppelin
  •         Zeta
  •         Ziggy
  •         Ziggy
  •         Zip
  •         Zipper
  •         Zloty
  •         Zodiac
  •         Zoi zoi
  •         Zoloft
  •         Zoltan
  •         Zorah
  •         Zoro
  •         Zoshie
  •         Zsa Zsa
  •         Zula
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