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Uncommon Dog Names

By: Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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958.        Uno
959.        Usker
960.        Utley
961.        Vader (short for "Invader")
962.        Valdez
963.        Veda
964.        Veda Blue Paws
965.        Vegas
966.        Venamous (aka nickname Venny)
967.        Venus
968.        Vester
969.        Veto
970.        Video
971.        Vikingo
972.        Vinegar
973.        Virginia
974.        Visage
975.        Vito
976.        Vocal
977.        Wag - because his tail is like run by a motor that never stops
978.        Wallet
979.        Warner
980.        Warrior
981.        Way Cool
982.        Weasel
983.        Wee-wee
984.        Westie
985.        Wexford
986.        Whiskey
987.        Whisper - (as in "soft as a whisper" for her coat)
988.        Whispering Dawn
989.        Who - (short for who's on first)
990.        Wicca- named for a dog that is all white and bewitched her owner.
991.        Wiggle
992.        Wild Thing
993.        Windy
994.        Wink
995.        Winkie
996.        Winslet
997.        Winston Churchill
998.        Witlof - (Dutch for a kind of cabbage)
999.        Wolfface
1000.        Woogie
1001.        Worthless
1002.        Wyatt
1003.        X-box
1004.        Xanax
1005.        Xandra
1006.        Xena- because of her distinctive puppy cries
1007.        Yahnabara
1008.        Yahzee - one of the Navajo in the movie "Wind Talkers"
1009.        Yogi
1010.        Yoshi - which means adopted male child in Japanese.
1011.        Yoshi (Mario Bros. pet dinosaur)
1012.        YouSing
1013.        Yuengling – for Yuengling beer, the oldest brewery in the country
1014.        Yuma
1015.        Z-Z
1016.        Zakk - for guitar player is Zakk Wylde.
1017.        Zara
1018.        Zenite (zen-eat) which means zenith in Portuguese
1019.        Zephyr - from a whiff of a cattle ranch right after I picked up the little puppy
1020.        Zeppelin
1021.        Zeta
1022.        Ziggy
1023.        Ziggy
1024.        Zip
1025.        Zipper
1026.        Zloty
1027.        Zodiac
1028.        Zoi zoi
1029.        Zoloft
1030.        Zoltan
1031.        Zorah
1032.        Zoro
1033.        Zoshie
1034.        Zsa Zsa
1035.        Zula

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