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Walking the Dogs - Keep Pressing On...

By: Petplace Staff

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We all know that a daily walk or a trip to the dog park is an important part of our canine friend's health and well being. We also know that a brisk stroll is good for our own health as well. However, an unruly pup can turn a simple stroll into a fiasco. Have you ever tried to take the dog for a walk and wondered who was walking who? I just read a really cute story about a walk that went to the dogs, so to speak. You can read the whole story here!

Michelle Miller in Long Grove, Iowa writes about a very adventurous dog walk that was supposed to be a simple stroll to pick up her daughters at school. Her young two golden retrievers however, had their own kind of walk in mind.

Michelle had dreams of starting a dog walking service, but as she struggled to handle her own dogs, wondered what she might be in for in her new line of business. One of her dogs is well-behaved on the leash, but the other, a rescue pup, struggles forward with all her might, despite the collar pulling against her throat. All of this pulling results in a broken collar, leaving Michelle to struggle with repairing the collar.

When at last the entourage gets to the elementary school, Michelle picks up her two daughters, a first grader and a fourth grader who uses a wheelchair. With both dogs now pulling at their leashes, Michelle decides that the best course of action is to let the dogs do part of the work. She hooks them up to the wheelchair and they now have a "sled" to pull. They are surprisingly good at their job! At least until they spot the fourth human member of the family, the teenage son and go crazy with delight.

Michelle manages to get everyone home in one piece and still walks dogs both for fun and professionally. I guess life for us dog crazy folks is never dull! Do you have a great story about your canine cohort? Be sure to share it with us!

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Petplace Staff

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Walking the Dogs - Keep Pressing On...

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