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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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These are suggestions from out very loving dog owners on how to pamper and spoil a special pooch. We hope you enjoy and find some of these tips useful.

By the way – our goal is to reach 100 with your help! Send us your suggestion.

1. Homemade Training Treats

I have been dog training for years. The most favorite training treat is-boil beef liver till done, cut in what ever size you like, spread the pieces on a baking sheet and sprinkle with garlic powder. Bake in oven 350 degrees Fahrenheit until slightly dry. Bake a lot and freeze usable portions in Baggies. My guys even like them froze.

2. A Little Drive Though

Hello my name is Lia Ponte. Some creative ways I have come up with to make my little 10 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi happy is, every Sunday morning I take her with me to Burger King where I get my coffee-she meets and greets everyone at the window then we go back home takr our Sunday morning walk together. Afterwards, she has her breakfast and we take a trip to Petco! where she does more of here meet and greet-she is so young but already has adapted to a routine and is very socialized.-her name is Duchess.

3. Lots of Walks and Rubs

I make my dog, Teo, happy by taking him on lots of walks, when he is
sleeping I make sure that I have contact with so Teo know that I`m there and that he doesn`t feel alone, ( I builds a strong bond between owner and dog) and I another thing I do to make him happy is by giving him lots of attention and belly/ chest rubs.


4. A Little Back Scrachin'

My peekapoo loves sitting on my lap in the evening and have his back
scratched. This seems to make him happy and satisfied. When he's ready to get down and chew his bone, he does.

I also bought him a soft plush dog his size to play with, as he does
like other dogs and playing with them when at the sitters.

Sherry H.

5. I talk to My Dog

Every night before bed just like you would with your kids I talk with my dog. I call her and tell her it is mommy and me time I know she laughs when I talk silly to her. I talk about when she was a puppy and the things we would do. I have a handicap son who is now 22 and if he is sad she will sit by him and lick his tears. Sometimes she comes and gets me and we put music on my son loves music and of course I dance silly and I know she is laughing not panting. I'm a happy person in general and I think the enviroment you create and the way you are is learned behavior for humans and animals. My motto is you have 2 choices in life you can be happy or sad, I choose happy life is to short.

Appreciate each day Life is good.


6. A Daily Hug

My dog is very happy because each and every morning when he gets up he gets a big hug from me and then I lay him on the bed on his back and he gets a message of his shoulders, lets and tummy of course and then he rolls over and I massage his back and neck. I do this every morning and then he gets a big hug and he hugs me back. I know this because he will get his face in as close as he can to my face and just rub his face against mine. That is his way of saying thank you and I love you each and every morning. I love doing this because I love the hug I get in return. It makes my day as much as it makes his. I know my dog is happy because he shows it to me with a hug and many other ways. By the way, My dog is a cavalier king charles spaniel named hunter and he is a purebreed, akc reg and will be 2 in august. This is hunter below, what's not to love.

Hunters Mommy, Michelle Clark from NH.

7. A Car Ride

My dog biscuit seems to almost start grinning when I suggest we go for a ride in the car.

DMH, Upstate New York

8. Rebuild Walls

We have Cairn terriers and built dry stack rock walls about 12 inches tall around some raised garden beds. The dogs love to dig, sometimes displacing the stones, sometimes dispatching an critter with a vigorous shake. They come in dirty and completely satisfied. We rebuild the walls and it's game on the next day.
Giving dogs the freedom to do what they are genetically hard-wired to do is absolute bliss for them.

Not yard proud in Ohio,

Cheryl and Toto 2

9. Teaching Your Dog to Communicate

Teaching your dog to communicate with you makes your dog happy. My dog brings me her kong when she's hungry so I know that is what she wants and not anything else. I acknowledge her even if I'm not going to give her anything. It's really funny to watch her throw it down in disgust when I tell her "no more food!" The same thing with standing by the door. I acknowledge that I know she wants to go out, even if I'm not going to let her out. When she is outside and looks at me when spotting a squirrel, I know that means she is asking if it's okay to chase the squirrel. I believe all this communication is why my dog is happy. – Carol Bauman

10. Hold Him Like a Child

My son is named Sammy and when I come home from work I ask him for some
love and he stands up so I can pick him up and hold him on my hip just as
you would a small child then we cuddle and he goes his way until I fix
dinner then he comes in and gives me more love ! Who could ask for more.

Bonnie H ., Millsboro De

11. Sing to Your Dog

I sing to my dogs when I am spending time with them. Often when I am grooming, scratching ears etc. I make up songs as I go along, using their name, terms of endearment, etc. They seem to find it calming and they pay attention. They are the only ones in my family who appreciate my singing!

Sheila - Wayland, Ma

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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