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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

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12. Lots of Love and Snuggles

I pamper my bostons Baxter and Queeni in so many ways it would be
impossible to list them all.

1. They know they are wanted and loved all the time, especially when we
go to bed and they snuggle all the way under the covers. But I also tell
them they are the most handsome boy, and prettiest girl all the time.

2. "What do I have for you?" is a phrase they know means that mummy has
brought home a new toy for them...this happens often as they usually
shred them to bits within the first hour.

3. "Are we gonna go for a ride?" causes an uproar of excitement because
that means I am taking them to a family member or friends house where
they are not only welcomed but requested, and they will be loved and
hugged and all the attention will be theirs.

My dogs are my children and my family treats them as just that...favorite
grandkids if you will.


13. Individual Attention in a multi-dog home

We have 4 precious canines in our home, and I make certain to give them each some of my undivided attention every day. They are all uniquely different in what they like best. First there is Misha our 8 year old malamute, who would rather give love then to receive it. Then, there is Angel our 2 1/2 year old cockapoo, she loves to snuggle under the covers with me at night. Next, is Sammy, our 1 1/2 year old cocker spaniel, he loves to eat, so a real treat for him is a doggy biscuit and some belly scratching. And last, is our 5 month old cockapoo puppy Captain Jack. He is the offspring of Sammy and Angel, loves to be held and cuddled, and is the best little kisser ever! I would love to send some photos of them, but not sure how?

Karen Mays
Belding, MI

14. Morning Treats

Dr Debra, here is the way my dogs are. They have come to EXPECT their treats every morning! (Also my cat is the same) They will sit in the kitchen by the container their treats are in and wait until they get them too. Doesn't matter what I am doing or how long it takes they will wait. Once they each have their 2 treats they will go off on their way and are content.

Thanks for your wonderful articles you put on the internet. I feel really blessed by all the info you put out. God Bless you and yours.

Sincerely, Margo

15. Pork Nect Bone Treats

I buy pork neck bones for my two babies (lab mix and another all mixed up,
don't know what she is dog) every time I go grocery shopping which is every two weeks come home and bake them ,while theirs is cooking I prepare something for us humans and then we all have dinner together, they have come to expect this, they know when we bring in grocery bags of food they seem to sit back and watch as everything is put away and food is cooking they know whats in the little toaster oven is theirs and when it's done baking , I open the door to allow it to cool down they get excited, and will stand and smell the air .

Patti Smith

16. Trips to the Doggie Park

I also make two trips to our local doggie park every day, as we are so blessed to live close to the Way-side Waifs Humane Shelter in Grandveiw Mo , they have built a ten foot tall fence around 5 acres of land , it is so beautiful there. It allows me to get my exercise along with them as we walk thru the park together, they are free to run their little hearts desire and play with the other dogs that are there with there humans. We have a blast, if we miss a visit due to the weather , well I have to make it up to them by giving them an extra visit on another day. I love
all animals but especially these two , they are truly this woman's best friend.

Patti Smith

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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