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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

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17. Bone-popsicles

We have two wonderful (but chew-happy) dogs. To make them happy and keep their teeth nice and clean, we get beef soup bones from the butcher and roast them for about 20 minutes on a foil-lined sheet pan in a 350 degree oven, which kills bacteria on the outside and renders off a lot of the fat.

After cooling entirely, we freeze them in zip-lock bags and dole them out when we leave in the morning. The pups love them! Bone- popsicles in the morning end up licked-clean by the end of the night.

Allison Simpson

18. Lots of Snuggles

We have a 3-year-old Schnauzer, Fritz. He is more like a little boy than A dog. He sleeps in our bedroom with us on his own little bed. When we get home from work, he wants to get up in our laps and give us kisses. I pick him up and hold him like a baby and we "snuggle puppy" while I rub the insides of his back legs. He just LOVES that! His little tail is always wagging and we know he is a happy puppy! He likes being with us no matter where we are. I call him my little "velcro dog". We love him to pieces.

I have sent you a picture a few weeks ago, of him sitting in a lawn chair In our yard with the rhododendron bush in the background, entitled "Enjoying A Sunny Day". I have not seen it in your slides of pictures. We live in upstate New York.

Joyce Blauvelt

19. Pool Games

I have an 18-month-old border collie, Lula Belle, and live in a suburb of Houston. We office out of our home, so she is with us all day and we take her in the car as much as possible when business draws us away. Our backyard is full of pool without much romping room, so I came up with a game to keep her entertained. I get in the middle of the pool and throw the frisbee. Lula does a "victory" run when she makes a good catch and runs laps around me through the landscaping while I clap and praise her. When she gets hot and tired she just steps in the pool onto the tanning shelf and cools off with me. This has been a great way to help her release some of that energy in the Houston heat this summer. She actually comes and "gets" me when it's pool time!

Judy Key

20. Make a Hot Pad

Winter is coming on. Make your dog a hot pad. Use 100% cotton. Cut 3 circles (plate size) of cotton muslin with an elephant trunk sleeve and 1 circle of cotton battening. Layer these 2 muslin, 1 layer battening, 1 layer of cotton. The battening serves as the less warm side. Sew the rim and the sleeve like a vase shape. Turn inside out (or not) and funnel cheap rice into the muslin/muslin section; tie a knot in the sleeve. Ta Dah! Microwave for 99 seconds. How delightful to crawl into a warm bed. To wash, untie the sleeve, pour out the rice, wash the fabric, refill. If you do not have a sewing machine, barter with your neighbor--mow the lawn 3 times. Or ... 4, if you want one for yourself. Oh, happy day!

Stonestone in OKC

21. Puppy Pool Cool Down

I would like to include what I do to make my 22-month-old Rottweiler happy. On hot summer days or after a long walk, I'll fill up his puppy pool for him. He will spend hours in the water. Not only does it cool him off but it gives both of us hours of fun as I love watching him play and splash and run around the backyard and the dive back in the pool.

Nancy Holden
London Ontario Canada

22. Icey Treats

MY Aussie loves her Iceys. In warm to Hot weather I put a few treats in a cool whip topping bowl, fill about 2/3 full of water and freeze...She loves the cold icey treat & it helps her cool off.

She also enjoys having a burger or chicken breast grilled just for her & always gets excited when she sees something from the grill go on her special doggie plate.

WE also have McDoggies, my office window is on our porch, her Igloo is under that window, so in good weather she peeks in the window and orders a milk bone.

Her favorite thing really is just to sit, talk and be brushed or petted. However at just over 1 year old, that soon leads to play time.

Debbi Bates

23. Individual & Group Attention

I have three wonderful, joyful dachshunds, a momma, a poppa, and their 9 month old son. Due to dachshunds' nature, they do have a bit of jealous rivalry for my attention and love, though they all share great love and affection among themselves. My approach is a balance of individual attention and group attention. I love handling them all and hold each one individually and whisper in their ears what wonderful dogs they are. At other times I look right into their eyes and talk to them as they lovingly gaze back at me. When walking through the house or going outside with them, I spontaneously pet and scratch them, always accompanied with loving words. They all sleep with me during naps on the couch and at night time, and they let me know when it is time to go to bed at night time. They've had regular socialization with other humans since they were puppies and always display love for visitors. Doxies are a unique breed in the love and afftection, giving and receiving category and I am always a part of it!

Bob Davis - Orlando, Florida

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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