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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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24. Get Play

My corgi, Owen, and I have many ways to enjoy each other but his favorite is when I get down on the floor to play. It always amazes me how much this delights him.

S. R. Beardsley

25. Allow them to Pull

They're Huskies, 2 are Siberians and the 3rd is an Alaskan. They are trained to pull. Anything!! I don't race, it's just for everyone's enjoyment. I have a dog scooter, a dog sled, a huge oaken wagon that I built for them, complete with shafts and traces. When it's too hot to pull, they get bored, so I load them into the dog truck and take them for a ride, often to a nearby lake for a swim and vanilla baby cones afterwards. We also have back packs for all 3, and we put canned goods in the packs for a bit of weight, and go hiking, often to a creek, down the bank and into the creek, then walk up the creek 1/4 mile or so and back down again. Huskies need jobs, and they love their assignments. They get so excited when the harnesses or packs come out. They scream "Take me! Oh, please! Take me!" and spin around in circles.
We live in Oneida, NY, in Central NY State, where we enjoy all kinds of weather, so the dogs get to do a variety of exercises and adventures.

26. Trampoline

I have two black labs and a husky mix, and boy do they have energy! What makes my dogs happy is when my 10 year old daughter and 13 year old son, and three dogs all get on the trampoline. My kids jump as high as they can, and the dogs, well lets just say, they are as happy as can be when all four paws are up in the air! It is a sight to see. There are lots of giggles and wagging tails!

Melissa Scott
Hopkinton, NH

27. Talk, Walk & Play

Both of them do get to sleep with me the nights my husband works at night and sometimes when my husband is at home. Chi Chi is a mixed Shih Tzu/Pekenese and Rudy is an American Pit Bull Terrier. They also like to be talked to, take a walk and have "play" time and oh, those treats!! Chi Chi will be thirteen years old in November and Rudy will be 8 years old on February 14th, 2009.

Michal Leamer

28. Beach Time

My puppy Lily loves going to the beach and she hates having baths, so to mix the good in with the bad, I let her go to the beach on bath days and she gets all dirty and covered in seaweed and sand (and she wears herself out) before bath time. Here is a picture of Lily post beach/bath day!

Vancouver BC, Canada

29. Belly Rubs

My Daisy, a Jack Russell Terrier loves to have her belly rubbed. She will lay on the floor and makes funny noises. I tell her I'm going to get her and she jumps up on the couch or bed and rolls over on her back. I rub her belly and sing to her. She is very content and could lay that way as long as I rub.

This makes her happy and it makes me happy as I know I am doing something to please her. We think she was abused before I got her so anything I can do to please her pleases me also.


30. We Talk

I have two Shia Tsus and I do different things that make them happy.
One likes to "talk" to me while relaxing on his pillow, and I answer him in a silly tone. We carry on a 5 minute conversation even though neither of us know what is being said by the other, but he loves it. The other one gets very happy when I rub his belly with my foot or say "Who wants to brush"?

Phyllis Lusk

31. Hide and Seek Treats

I have two Great Danes, one is deaf. I'm a work at home "mom" (no children except my dogs) but occasionally have to go out for errands. Before I leave, I try to do it without them seeing me, but I take several small dog cookies and leave them in places that I know they will be while I'm gone. I'll lay one beside each of their dog dishes, one on each of their beds, a couple on the living room floor and a couple on several windowsills because I know my deaf Dane travels from window to window watching for me to come back.

Always, when I come home, the treats are all gone. They find them all.

Another thing that I've done since one of Danes has been young is, I always get her a treat at the grocery store. As soon as I come in, I make them sit down and wait until I get all the grocery bags inside and set them on the floor. They both stick their noses just inside the bags and it never fails, they always find the bag with their "sealed" treats inside! It amazes me each time they do it.

Teresa Clark

32. A Cat Friend

his best friend is a cat. Who would have known that a 14-pound, 13-year
old terrier wanted me to take in a kitten?

Patricia Siegelman

33. Stroke Him Until He Falls Asleep

My 8 year old yellow Lab "Bailey" is quite frankly my "Son" he is the best thing since sliced bread! Bailey loves me to stroke him on his chest until he almost falls over asleep. I quess he cant reach between his front legs to get at that little itch, he rolls his eyes and grunts with delight! I cant imagine life without him, he was a rescue dog at 10 months and now my constant companion. Regards Sandy

Sandy Higgs

34. Run Errands with Me

I make my dogs happy in little ways. They love to go along with me, and they don't care where I'm going, so I take them in the car as often as I can, even if I am just going on a short errand. And they LOVE cheese, so I give them cheese as a special treat when they come inside after doing "their business."

Montoursville, PA

35. River Walks

We take our Cocker Spaniel puppy to the, "River Walk," here in Wabash, Indiana. She knows what we mean when we ask her if she wants to go to the River walk. She runs to the door and puts her nose on the door until we open it. She loves to check out all the scents along the trail. She knows the routine by heart and will run to the deck overlooking the Wabash River. When we return to the van, she jumps in her kennel and waits for a drink of cold water before we head home. This picture was taken of Maggie on the deck at the river.


36. Seepy Treats

My husband and I are completely ridiculous when it comes to our kids Huxley & Penelope - a pair of West Highland Terriers. Bed time is a big deal at our house. Every night when it's time to turn in someone will ask, "Who wants a seepy treat?" Ears perk up, tails wag and a scurry ensues. As we turn the lights off and fetch the treats from the jar, they rush up the stairs and wait right at the top. Upon our
arrival, they each get a little "seepy treat" which they dance around with before they chew them up. Then we all climb into bed together. Penelope does her best imitation of a hat and curls herself around my head. Huxley crawls into the crook of Daddy Doggy's (my husband) knees. Everybody then gets some good pets and ear scratches till we all nod off. The alarm is set to allow for cuddle time, so every morning starts happy, complete with snuggles, scratches and tummy rubs. Dogs are creatures of habit, so having small little routines or rituals can make such a difference for them. With busy lives and jobs and all that we humans have going on, giving them a moment every day, something they know is just for them, can mean so much. Maybe bedtime isn't right for everyone, but giving them something to look forward to and feel special is the best way I know to make anyone, dog, cat, human, etc. feel loved.

Shauna Earp

37. Sprinklers

I am the proud owner of three (3) cattle dogs. To make them happy we turn on the sprinklers outside and throw their balls and frisbees through the sprinklers like little kids running through the sprinklers. It keeps them cool and they actually like getting wet. They are also big fans of plain yogurt, carrots large enough to chew on like bones. Are they spoiled, down right!!

Joyce Nokes

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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