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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

By: PetPlace Dog Lovers

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38. Exercise For Both of Us

He gets to go to various places for his exercise. My dog is a Dalmatian and I acquired him because having a dog is the best reason one should exercise. It would be awfully boring if I just put on my sneakers and jogged out alone. I wouldn't do it if I felt lazy. But when dog sends me that LOOK -- and I know he wants a change of scenery. We walk around the neighborhood, go to parks for variety, to malls, to the neighborhood of my friends, or out to the countryside. I think it's a walkabout that can win a dog's heart -- fast. Once we had a house guest who was fond of dogs and I had a Japanese Spitz elusive to his calls for friendship. I told him to take her for a walk. The following morning, I leashed the Spitz and handed him the dog and they walked around the neighborhood. The next day, the Spitz approached my house guest in anticipation for another walk. They became friends!

Betty Samson
Manila, Philippines

39. A View

Our pups always have access to see outside, especially the front window. We have a bench and a soft cushion so they can look out in comfort and get the heat of the sun, we have central A.C. and they are Chihuahuas, so they enjoy that. It makes them aware of who is coming and going and I feel they like that, guarding their home. Having patio doors is also nice, since they are short. We have a lot of wildlife here so they get to see critters all the time walking by. So let your pooches and kitties enjoy the outside while in.

Joann Zboyan

40. Massage And a Song

Everyday, I sit her on my lap and sing to her while I massage her. Her name is Tallulah and I make up a little song as I go along. I'll sing something like "Oh, my little Miss Tallulah, how I love my Tallulah, how you're my joy, mommy's little jewel, my little girlie girl". She just loves it and stretches her little head back to look at me and snaps her little mouth as if to say "I love you". It may seem silly but it works - she and I have a huge connection.

Xiomara Shapiro

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100 Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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