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We need some legislation to prevent foreclosures

By: Reader

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We received this email that we want to share with you as a response to our foreclosure article about pets being left behind.

I am a newsletter subscriber and have had first hand experience with pets and the foreclosure crisis.

I am blind and am not working at this time and am waiting for my disability benefits to start. The bank does not care about this. So, they are in the process of foreclosing on my home. I am lucky. I know that if we can't save our home that my Fiancé and I would be fine, and I know that I have enough family and friends that would take in the pets at least for a while, but it is sad to think about what stress the animals might go through during all of this.

I think that laws need to be put in place to be more favorable to consumers. I also think that rental property should be made to take in pets as a matter of law. I had a Seeing Eye Dog who could not be viewed as a pet under the law; she was still a dog never the less.

Honestly, I've been thinking about trying to draft some kind of legislation. Because, something needs to change and unfortunately, animal shelters can only hold so many animals. I know there is a Second Chance for Animals group where I live and my Vet does put up adds in her office of pets in need of homes. These are all good things, but don't solve the problem because, the problem is with the laws. I am lucky that I have family who is willing to help me so that I will be able to keep my home. So, My pets and I will be fine. I'll be thinking and coming up with ideas. I love my pets and animals in general and would like to find some way to help.


Mendi Estes

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We need some legislation to prevent foreclosures

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