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What do you think about animals having the right to sue their owners?

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Legal Advocate is needed
Mary wrote, "Yes - obviously pets don't think on this abstract level, but if a pet owner is found to be negligent, then an legal advocate for the pet should be appointed and should be allowed to sue the owner on behalf of the pet in order to remove the poor animal from the home and to provide adequate funds for lifetime shelter, basic necessities and health care. Unfortunately, in many states pets are view as property and have few rights. Pets should be viewed and treated much the same as family members, and pet families should accept this responsibility."        

Some Sort of Recourse is Needed
Barb wrote, "I think the poor animals should have some kind of recourse for abuse and being tied up day and night in a hot yard with no water or food, and dogs made to fight, and just thrown out on the road. Sueing is very mild in deed."        

What Could they Sue for?
Dave wrote, "Of course animals are incapable of suing. But responsible, caring persons should be able to sue on their behalf. But what could they sue for? Damages? Libel? Any awards won by suing would have to be given to the person caring for the animal and that would enrich the person and not necessarily the animal. I think that the civil penalties that are already in place should be more strictly enforced and possibly expanded."
Good Grief
Bill wrote, "Ridiculous: Better to give more teeth to animal abuse laws and stiffer penalties to animal abusers."
Beyond Stupid
Jooniper wrote, "This is beyond stupid. How can an animal articulate that it wants to sue? How can it go and fill out paperwork? Testify during depositions? This is truly the most foolish thing I've seen. This is just another very human way to use animals to get attention for their own cause. Cripes, my cat uses the same meow when she wants dry food, or canned food, or a treat, would that meow also be her way of saying she's filing a lawsuit? Good Lord, lets deal with actual issues, not stupidity.
J.S. wrote, "This is exactly why our country is in the situation it is in today. Frivolous law suits that sue doctors cause most GYN's to pack up shop. Now we're going to go after pet owners and while we're at it, Vets that can't cure the animal. What is the driving force behind this? How many people will now not adopt a pet for fear of someone claiming they did not or may not take proper care of an animal? How many animals will be put to death or abandoned because the owners are afraid of a law suit? How many more animals will suffer because of this? It is absolutely ludicrous to think that any adult could see a benefit from such outlandish foolishness. I can see overburdened animal shelters that can hardly exist on what little funding they have overwhelmed with pets being dropped off at the doorstep, just to be euthanized because of pet-owners fear and some irresponsible law-makers decision. Yes, those that abuse animals should be punished, but sued? We already have laws for this."        

How would this Affect Adoption?
Jacque wrote, "If animals were allowed to sue, people would be much more reluctant to adopt and many more would end up homeless and eventually euthanized. Just look at how many people are reluctant to marry because of the legal implications these days."        

Agency Should Be Able to Sue
Shelli wrote, "I think that organizations such as ASPCA or an agency/person who has rescued the animal should be able to sue. We have laws protecting animals giving them rights. Why shouldn't the organization/person now caring for the animal have the right to sue for coverage of the medical bills and supplies needed to get the animal healthy again?"        


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What do you think about animals having the right to sue their owners?

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