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What do you think about people that want their pets euthanized when they die?

By: Petplace Pet Lovers

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  • I think it is wrong to have your animal put to sleep, just because you have died. The only scenario that I could condone it is if the animal was old and/or ill too. The thought that some old person may have a young animal and then have it put down just so it can be buried with them beggars belief. Posted by Gaynor

  • I think it is up to the owner or pet parent. I see cases of senior dogs going to the local shelter because the owner has died. These dogs often spend a significant amount of time at the shelter before/if they are adopted. To me this is not a kindness. My husband and I have to Jack Russell Terriers who are extremtly attached to us and one another. Our female has special medical needs that many people would not want to commit to. Our families know that if something tragic and unforseen were to happen to us we want our dogs put to sleep.
    Posted by Lisa

  • I think that ALL animals/pets have a soul. Have you ever just looked into their eyes? There's a soul in there. Maybe they can't communicate like you or I can, BUT they do have feelings. I'm not talking feelings like humans, but in their own way they are in there. How else can you explain that our pets know when we're feeling sad, happy or depressed?
I've had Leukemia for the past 6 1/2 years and let me tell you this, if it weren't for my orange tabby "Billi" I don't think I would've made it through the rough spots. He laid there next to me on the bathroom floor when I couldn't leave that spot due to being sick from the chemo. He would lick my face as if to say "It'll be alright".
I DO NOT see where people get off playing God. They do not have the right to take the life of a healthy active animal, who has lots of life left in them. How would they feel if their family, whom they've loved and cared for and been there for just decided one day that they were no longer needed OR wanted, so they just had them killed off.
I feel that in this day & age we've come to think of everything as disposable. If we allow our animal, who should be considered as part of our families to be killed just to bury them with another family member then whats to stop us in the future from having Dad killed and buried with Mom or vice a versa.Think about it!!!
I am TOTALLY frustrated and at wits end about this issue. Maybe I'm too much of an animal lover but I feel if we decide to raise an animal as a pet then we dang well better treat them like we would want to be treated. With love, kindness and our basic needs met.Our pets do not care what we look like, how much money we have, what body size or shape we have. All they ask of us is that they have food, water, shelter and loves. Thats all. It's not much. They will always be there for us if we do these few little things.Thank you for letting me rave about this matter, but I LOVE animals and we should ALL give them the same love they give us in return. Sincerely-Debbie

  • I've had pets (mostly cats) my entire life of 63 years. There is no way that I would have any of my cats put to sleep because I was dying. Like someone else commented. Now is the time to make plans in case something were to happen to me. I love my cats too much to think that they should die because I died. What a sad world we live in when people think this is the right thing to do.
    Posted by Gloria

  • I think that it is very selfish of the owner to even suggest anything remote to having a healthy animal put to sleep because of their own selfishness to have them buried with them. That to me is thinking more of yourself and not loving your animal as much as you think in your warped mind that you do! Posted by Carla

  • When I was younger (in my 30's), I had three dogs. I am an only child and my parents would not have wanted to take my dogs if something happened to me. I had no relatives in America, all overseas. I had my will specifying that if I were to die, my dogs would be euthanized and buried with me. I did not want to think about what would happen to them if I were not around (even thought I would not know it), but it made me feel better knowing that they would not be given to someone who did not care for them the way I did or treat them the way I did, or that they would be separated from each other. Posted by Denise

  • I think euthanizing your pet when you die is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of. I know that all our pets that have loved us would be able to live happily with someone else that would treat them with love and care. Personally, I think it is narcissistic BS to say that your pet loves only you so much that it would never be able to live and be happy with a new loving, caring human companion. Would YOU like to be euthanized when your loving mate dies? Of course not. Neither would you pet if it understood what you were about to do to it... DISGUSTING.
    Posted by Jim

  • PS.. For those of you who think your so good to your pet, I'm betting there are others that can love your pet even more than you did because they would not want to KILL/MURDER their pet when they die. Your a disgusting bunch of despicable people that should not be allowed the good company of a pet. For this very reason I prefer to go to dog heaven that to where the majority of such humans will be. Posted by JIM

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    What do you think about people that want their pets euthanized when they die?

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