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What do you think about people that want their pets euthanized when they die?

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  • I think that having your pet uthanized when you die just to be with you is the epitomy of selfishness. I agree with the comments that stated provisions for placing the pet should be made if there is time. If there is no time, a provision for a pets can be made in a will along with a stipend. In my version of heaven, all my cats I've ever had will come to me, but I want it to be in their own time - not mine. Posted by Janet

  • Until I read some of the comments, I would've said a clear-cut, emphatic NO! But now I think of even my own cat. She refuses to get along with other animals, and barely gets along with humans. She now loves me, but it took some work. Since I adopted her from the Shelter, I know next to nothing about her, except they warned me that she couldnt be adopted by a family with other pets, as she had been returned a few times already (she is my only one). I am gone to work two days a week, and she barely tolerates the person I have come over to feed her. I cant imagine what Ill do with her when I am gone. Posted by john

  • I am going to have my 2 cats put down to IF I die before they do. They would not survive with another family they are right now 13 years old. And to put them with the humane society In a cage until If they got adopted would kill them. And I personally thing the Humane society would put them down because of there age.
They have known NO one else but me. Posted by windyblue

  • Any pet owner that is so self-centered and ego-centric so as to think that their pet would not survive as a healthy pet in some other loving home is sick and in dire need of psychotherapy. Pets love us and yes we love them but come on people don't be so stupid and backward about it. Like the Ancient Egyptians Pharoahs are you really going to take your most cherished possessions on the long voyage to the afterlife? Posted by james

  • My cat has been with me for 12 yrs.. I know that he would not make it with nobody else, he is like
my shadow and everywhere I go in the apt. he follows. I do not believe in putting them down however,
but would make arrangements and set aside money so when he dies he can be buried in the same spot.
I know it would not be long before we would be together again. Posted by connie

  • I do not think it wrong to euthanize a cat if its owner passes away, BUT only if the cat is elderly. Lots of times relatives tell you not to worry because they will take care of your pet(s) if you pass away. I have three cats, and each of my three children each has a you really think any one of them is going to take on an additional three cats? My cats are very close in age to each other and VERY attached to each other. I doubt one could survive without the other. When I pass away, I want my cats to be kept together & I feel if they are older than 10 or 12 yrs., I'd want them buried with me. I love my cats dearly. Posted by Helen on March 25th 2010, 2:35pm
  • This is stupid. I love my cats. And because I love them I would want them to live a long full life, if they were to outlive me. Why would I ruin and knowingly shorten the life of something that I loved dearly? Sane people wouldnt. Another reason it doesn't make sense... You are dead. I hate to be so blunt about it, but you are dead. You aren't going to run around in the grave with your pet, you aren't going to be loving or hugging, or spending time with your pet after you are dead. real life isn't like All dogs go to heaven. Our human...physical bodies are gone. Don't screw with your pets too. Posted by Christina

  • It depends on the age and health issues of the dog. The dog will be pinning over the owner. Remember the story of Lassie.
    Posted by Maria

  • This question JUST SAVED MY CAT'S LIFE!! In fact I just phoned my sister to revise/update my wishes . My sisters always knew I wanted one of them to take my cat should I die.However-- that topic had been discussed years ago when I had a healthy cat.(That cat has since passed on).SITUATIONS CHANGE and the cat I have now is not healthy with MANY medical problems requiring ALOT of care.My family don't know how to medically care for him,or what his special needs are.SO---I will teach and show my sister what I do for my cat and she will give it her "very best shot " to keep and care for him should it ever be necessary.She now knows too that if she feels she no longer can meet his needs and his quality of life is poor---to put him down and I would be OK with that.I would provide $$$ also. This is LOVE and it goes both ways between sisters.Best of all I know my sister will love my cat too.My cat is a pure bred persian with papers .I had first kitten choice out of 2 persian litters from a very reputable breeder and I chose him.None of the other kittens or at any other time has this breeder had a kitten with any health problems.I feel this cat was meant to be mine and I know if he'd ended up with anybody else--he'd be dead. He is 2 years old now.I wouldn't have traded him in for another one even though the breeder did offer.In spite of all his different problems,none of them are fatal. I can't believe I forgot to arrange care on a pet that gives me so much love and joy.He is worth my trouble. Posted by Diane on March 26th 2010, 5:51am
  • This is the craziest thing I have heard of in a long time. To have a pet put to death for selfish reasons is inexcusable. This practice is the height of ego. Posted by Mark

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    What do you think about people that want their pets euthanized when they die?

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