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What do you think about people that want their pets euthanized when they die?

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  • I have been a funeral director for 47 years, I have had this request many times, but have never experienced it being done. I have buried pet cremated remains many times with their owner. I am a dog lover and have two Maltese, whom I love very much. Responsible people make plans for their pets in case of their death the same as other concerns. I recently had to place my wife in a Alzheimer's facility and our male Maltese almost went nuts the first three days she was gone. He was in her lap constantly when she was home. He is fine now and loves my grandchildren. They are getting old (ll yrs old) and I have make provisions for them both should I die first, if not, I want their ashes buried with me.They have given me more joy and anything else in my life. Posted by Harold

  • I agree with "tombraider" and the others who said that people should give companion animals a chance at a new life (THEIR lives). Make sure they are provided for, and that someone else will care for and advocate for them in the event you can't. Their lives are not ours to snuff out. Posted by Molly

  • If there is someone to take care of the pet after the person dies, then definitely not. However, if the pet will be homeless and possibly euthanized anyway, then it does make sense. My first response is no way, but when I think about it a little more, in some cases it would make sense. Posted by Kim

  • My 3 T cup Yorkies would not want to live out their days in a no kill shelter. They sleep and travel with me and depend on me for everything. To put them in a shelter or in a strange home would be cruel. Better for me to take them and hug them while they are given something to put them to sleep. Dogs do not reason--they do not know that they will not wake up and they do not fear death --all they know is that they are getting a shot (no different from a vaccine) and they just do not wake up. It is much harder on the person that loves them. I will have them put with me if I die before they do and feel that I have done the right thing. I have seen too many very loved pets left behind and even with a will they are still unhappy and suffer from the loss of the people that loved them more that their caretaker and also some of the caregivers do not ever treat them like they were accustomed to being treated. Sorry but going with me is best for mine. Posted by Glenda

  • I have 2 dogs. One which is Annie quits eating and drinking while I'm gone on trips that I can't take her on with me and won't stay at anybody's home either. And that is with a person that treats hers just like I treat mine furbabies. If she is going to outlive me...yes I will have her "put to sleep" with me and be with me forever. Now the other one Jasmine could and would go to someone else as she can handle it. I truly believe it depends on the animal for this kind of choice you make. I think this is a case of gray not black and white. And it is out of love for the furbaby on being cruel or heartless. Posted by Vicky

  • There are many different dog "personalities." As a responsible owner, you should know a bit about your breed's temperment. Some breeds can never make the transition and establish a bond to a new owner. How selfish is it to insist that a dog stays alive simply because you seem to believe that your idea of what is "right" is right in reality. It may be far more humane for the companion to simply go to sleep and trust that the animal had a wonderful life. Quality vs. quantity. Posted by Sophie

  • Please people.... you wouldn't put your child to sleep to be buried with you, would you? Same thing here... it is the human that has the problem letting go. Sure our close fur babies would miss us and grieve but with a another good home they can continue to enjoy THEIR life. It is wrong on so many levels to be so SELFISH as to euthanize a healthy pet when they can continue to bring someone else joy and experience the continued love of a human. Think it over and quite thinking about yourself! Posted by Janie

  • Everyone cares for their beloved pets in individual ways. My dogs are always happier with me than with anyone else. Even when leaving them with close friends when travelling, they are stressed until I return. It would break my heart thinking I might be forced to leave my pets behind to be cared for by someone else if I felt they should be with me, even in the end. If I had a puppy, not yet formed a bond or relationship with, then I would absolutly want my puppy to have a life opportunity with someone else. I believe it really depends on the individiual situation and circumstances. Posted by Teri

  • The old man shold be kicked in the balls before being buried! A life is a life, no matter if it is a dog or human! Maybe in his next life he will come back as a dog and the same thing will happen to him! Posted by Harry

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    What do you think about people that want their pets euthanized when they die?

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