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What Does Your Dog Say About You?

By: PetPlace Staff

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21. Miniature Pinscher – Miniature pinscher owners are fastidious and very clean. They like things in order and some may be considered obsessive/compulsive. They like to stay well informed on current events and politics. Their homes are immaculate and they love to have big parties for all their friends. To people that don't know them, min pin owners can seem a little prickly but actually they are just shy and really do like most people. Favorite TV show: Monk.

22. Doberman Pinscher – Owners of Doberman pinschers are often serious, intense and determined. They are quiet and very stoic and like to be in control. They enjoy learning new things and teaching others. Dobie owners are neat and tidy and strive to get what they want in a polite manner. Favorite TV show: CSI.

23. Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Many Corgi owners may be described at witty. They are intelligent people with a dry sense of humor. They are studious and work hard but also love to play. They are quick to laugh and eager to make others feel comfortable. Favorite TV show: Anything on BBC America.l

24. Siberian Husky – Husky owners are busy people struggling to keep their family, work and home lives all together. They are kind hearted people that will do anything to help someone in need. They love sports, especially cold weather sports. They tend to not like the dentist or doctor too much and avoid going unless absolutely necessary. When they are sick, they like to have others around to take care of them. Favorite TV show: Northern Exposure.

25. Basset Hound – Many Basset hound owners are laid back and enjoy the comforts of home. They have lots of great traits but are never considered overly neat or meticulous. The like to sleep in and waking up early can be a struggle. Basset owners enjoy being silly and making others laugh but can also be stubborn. Favorite TV show: Reno 911!

26. Bichon Frise – Owners of bichons are clean and neat, especially their hair. They can spend hours in the bathroom primping and preening. They love going on dates, especially to 4-star restaurants and opening nights at the theatre. Some are wine connoisseurs and art aficionados. They are considered good friends and loyal companions. Favorite TV show: Charlie's Angels.

27. Great Dane – Owners of Great Danes are good-hearted people with a keen sense of responsibility. They take their life and work seriously and strive to do their very best. They like to keep on top of world events and like to debate important issues with others. They aren't prone to silliness but do enjoy lounging around the house on the weekends. Favorite TV show: 60 Minutes.

28. English Springer Spaniel – Springer owners enjoy the outdoors. Most have jobs that let them spend the majority of their days out of the office. On the weekends, they can be found camping, hiking or tinkering in the garden. They don't spend a lot of time on the sofa. Their favorite thing is to spend an evening at a barbeque with friends. Favorite TV show: MacGuyver.

29. Weimaraner – Owners of Weimaraners have full active lives. They typically have a few good friends and lots of acquaintances. They like mystery and have a tendency to see coincidences as part of some bigger conspiracy. They are devoted to their friends but have a hard time trusting others. They like antiques and have a well decorated home. Favorite TV show: X-Files.

30. Brittany – Brittany owners are fun loving and fast living. They prefer to be single and enjoy serial monogamy. They love their mate dearly while they are in a relationship but can get bored easily and quickly move on to new relationships. Once they find their soul mate, they are fiercely loyal and would never consider straying. Favorite TV show: Nascar racing.

31. West Highland White Terrier – Westie owners are hard working and good at saving their money. They can find humor in almost anything and can have fun even at a funeral. They are involved in many activities and are great multi-taskers. They have a knack for connecting with children. Favorite TV show: Three Stooges.

32. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Cavalier King Charles spaniel owners are soft-hearted good people. They can be reserved, shy, sweet and good listeners. They believe in magic and are very romantic. Valentine's day is their favorite day. Some believe in angels and consult psychics. Those that are married have wonderful relationships. Those not yet married are waiting for their 'white knights'. Favorite TV show: Charmed.

33. Mastiff – Owners of Mastiffs are often bold, loud and proud. They are the strong silent type with hearts of gold. They will do anything for someone in need. They are romantic, but usually not in public. They are usually secure and confident and very protective though some can use their size to hide insecurities. Favorite TV show: Kojak.

34. Australian Shepherd – Australian Shepherd owners are active and love the outdoors. They like nothing better than spending time at the beach or park playing Frisbee. They are very expressive in their communications and love to talk. They can be quite competitive and have lots of friends. They have an enviable zest for life. Favorite TV show: anything on ESPN.

35. Papillion – Papillion owners are meticulous and precise. They can be opinionated and know what they want and what they like. They are talkative and don't like long silences. They strive to look good and spend lots of time getting ready to go out. They can be happy at a fancy restaurant or a picnic in the park. Favorite TV show: Guiding Light.

36. Collie (Rough) & (Smooth) – Collie owners are sincere and compassionate about life. They are often family-oriented and enjoy traditional family activities. They like to keep things together and for those with children, empty nest syndrome can be severe. They like to get things done and don't procrastinate. If you want something done, and done right, ask a collie owner. Favorite TV show: Lassie (of course!)

37. Saint Bernard – Owners of Saint Bernards are not very active people. They would prefer a snooze on the sofa to a jog in the park. Cooking evening meals isn't for them. They prefer fast food or microwave meals. They tend to let things slide but if it is something important, they will move heaven and earth to get it done. They are devoted to their friends and will do anything to help someone in need. Favorite TV show: Rescue Me.

38. Pekingese – Pekingese owners are often considered cute and funny. They pride themselves on their looks and sense of humor. They have a regal air about them and are always fashionable. They love to go out clubbing and can spend the night dancing. But too much activity can take their breath away and they need to frequently rest. They like to be pampered and love to gossip. Favorite TV show: Oprah.

39. Lhasa Apso – Lhasa apso owners are conservative, friendly, open-minded individuals. They enjoy a calm relaxed lifestyle. Most are married with several children. Their favorite thing is to spend time every day with their family. They are usually always happy and sometimes silly, especially to make their kids laugh. Favorite TV show: Rugrats.

40. Neopolitan Mastiff – Neapolitan mastiff owners are generally very intelligent and kind and love music. They prefer an active lifestyle and are often family-oriented. They are laid back and love spending time with kids, especially teenagers. They love to bake and often take food to work. They are well known for their small intimate dinner parties. Favorite TV show: MTV

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What Does Your Dog Say About You?

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