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What Does Your Dog Say About You?

By: PetPlace Staff

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41. Chinese Shar Pei – Shar pei owners tend to be bold and can be aggressive at times. They can be short-tempered and hold a grudge but are very loyal to their friends. They often have firm ideas and do not often change their minds about things. They are opinionated and not shy about voicing those opinions. Favorite TV show: Politically Incorrect.

42. Scottish Terrier – Scottish terrier owners are often busy and organized. They have good friends and can multi-task quite effectively. They like to keep informed on current events and is usually the first in their group to know things. People tend to confide in them and they can keep secrets very well. Favorite TV show: Nightly News.

43. Cairn Terrier – Owners of cairn terriers are kind and gentle but intense. They pay good attention to detail and are well organized. They are great at multitasking. If they don't have several things to do, they feel useless and lazy. Some are considered to be workaholics. They love the outdoors and can spend hours tending to their gardens. Favorite TV movie: Wizard of Oz (of course!).

44. Vizsla – Vizsla owners are often highly intelligent with a dry sense of humor. They often stay in touch with current events and are well informed. They are not prone to silliness and command respect from friends and coworkers. They are well dressed and love to dress up for fancy dinner parties. Favorite TV show: Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

45. Newfoundland – Newfoundland owners are laid back and relaxed people. Nothing seems to get them worked up. They are big bears with hearts of gold. But, if there is a crisis, they are the first ones to help and will even risk their lives to save someone else. They live to feel needed and are very romantic. Most love water sports and small intimate dinner parties. Favorite TV show: The Cosby Show

46. Chesapeake Bay Retriever – Chesapeake Bay retriever owners are nice, good people that care about the environment. They encourage recycling and drive hybrid cars. They lead active lives and are quite playful but can be serious when necessary. They are quiet around strangers but very talkative with their friends. Favorite TV show: any sport show.

47. Bullmastiff – Bullmastiff owners are often assertive and like to get their way. They prefer an active lifestyle and are family-oriented. They can be opinionated and like to make sure others know what they consider to be right and wrong. They have a strong sense of justice and are appalled when people get away with crime. Favorite TV show: Court TV (especially Nancy Grace).

48. Bernese Mountain Dog- Bernese Mountain dogs are very centered and focused on life and family. They tend to be calm in a crisis and love their family. They don't enjoy spending time alone. Unmarried Bernese Mountain dog owners love spending time with the guys or girls. Once they are married with children, they prefer spending time with their kids. Some stay home to home school their children. Quality family time is very important to them. Favorite TV show: Full House.

49. French Bulldog – French bulldog owners are funny and silly. They are the class clown and life of the party. They can be serious if they absolutely have to be but someone usually needs to tell them when to stop joking around. They can be romantic, sprinkled with some humor. They enjoy life and love to laugh. They tend to want to be the center of attention and can get jealous when others are getting all the glory. Favorite TV show: South Park.

50. Bloodhound - Bloodhound owners are laid back and truly enjoy life in their own calm way. They like to sit and listen to the sounds of nature and the beauty of the earth. They can always be relied on to help anyone in need. Looks aren't important to them; it is the character and soul that matters. Favorite TV show: Missing.

These generalizations are just that, generalizations that were created to be fun and are not written to offend anyone.

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What Does Your Dog Say About You?

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