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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Here are some of our favorite letters to Santa. Do you have a letter to send? Send it to us! Or does your dog have some Hanukah requests? Email us!

Letters to Santa from Dogs

Dear Santa, I've been good, except for...

Dear Santa,

I've been good this year, except for when I bit Nana on the arm because I didn't like what she was doing. Nana thinks I'm a devil dog now, but Mama loves me and says I'm a good boy.

I would like a toy dog for Christmas this year, one with rope handles on the front and back, with ears and a tail for me to chew on because I really like toys with ears and tail. Mama says it would be nice if she could find toys that are terrier-proof, but I like to pull the stuffing out and scatter it all over the house.

I would like Dentabones and Jumbones in my stocking, and some meaty kind of snacks, too. I like to hide my chewbones in the laundry or under Mama's pillow so I can finish them later.

Have a good Christmas, Santa, and I won't even bark when I hear you outside!

Love, Buddy

Submitted by Rhiannon Devlin

Dear Santa, Are you really there?

Dear Santa,

Are you really there? I've had many names, the one I was first given I don't remember anymore. The ones after that are a blur, so for now just call me Homeless. You see I don't have a forever home. I was bought as a puppy as a birthday gift but I wasn't the gift that was wanted. Then I was given to a single guy who loved me and I thought I was home forever, but then he got married and his wife didn't like me so again I was the gift that was unwanted.

I then found myself in a new home with kids to play with, but when the kids got a little older and mom and dad got busy with their own stuff, no one had any time for me. So again I was the gift that was unwanted. They took me to a shelter saying that because I was a pure breed dog I should be adopted fast but they forgot that I wasn't a puppy anymore. I was a middle-aged boxer with some greying around my muzzle and people want puppies.

The shelter called a boxer rescue organization and a lady came to see me. I didn't bother being excited because so many other people had walked by my cage and kept walking, but then she stopped in front of me. I lifted my head and looked at her, she seemed nice enough. She called me to her and trying to be a good dog I did what she said. She gave me a good once over and pronounced me suitable to come into the rescue.

So now I am living in a foster home, I am loved, have lots of toys, regular meals and lots of attention but it's still not a forever home.

Submitted by Foster Mom

So Santa here it is:

All I want for Christmas is a forever home, to be the gift that is wanted forever and always. To have one lasting and forever name to go by, a soft pillow to sleep on and a kind hand to pet me.

So please Santa if you're really there please don't forget me this year.

Signed, Homeless.

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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

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