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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Madison and Lulu's Letter To Santa Paws

Dear Santa,

We have been so good this year! You don't even have to ask Mom and Dad, you can just trust us. We've thought long and hard about this, and we have a few things we'd like you to bring us this year:

1. A garbage can that it's OK for us to get into.
2. A toilet without a lid.
3. Squirrels we can catch and play with (or at least ones that notice us when we bark at them).
4. Toys, toys, toys!
5. Treats, treats, treats!

But mostly we know how good we have it, with parents who love us so very much and keep us safe and happy. So what we really, REALLY want is for all those animals out there without a warm and loving home to find their new family this Christmas. We know it's a big job, but we believe with all of our big hearts, wagging tails, and wet noses that you can do it, Santa! (We'll even give up our list so you have more time).

From the best behaved dogs in the world (PLEASE don't ask our Mom),

Madison and Lulu Carner

Submitted by Erin Carner - Memphis, TN

Letter to Santa from Chewbacca , AKA Chewie

Dear Santa,

I know, me again, letter number five. I do hope you understand about the mishap last year, it is my job to heard things and your reindeer did seem a bit unruly, you must admit. And, I don't feel that the Shepard incident of two years ago should be held against me, either. How was I to know the church only wanted human shepherds? And, we both know, those kids in the sheep costumes were in need of corralling. Now, I don't mean to seem ungrateful, and last years bag of dog cookies was nice (though the "breath control" aspect did not go unnoticed and was a bit much, don't you think?) but I feel I was unclear in my true request, that same request for the last five years. I am coping you on the original letter written in 2001 for reference. I was just a pup then so please excuse my informal manner.

I would also like to remind you I have refrained from the aforementioned "digging for China" in Mother's tulip beds and that the squirrel population has been well exercised for their health and well being, though not "terrorized" as mentioned in your note last Christmas, a misconception that I would like to clear up. I have been keeping a record this year and I have been told an average of six times a day that I am a "Good Boy" which I feel should place me clearly on the "Nice List".

Thank you,

Chewbacca the Shepard
AKA- Chewie

Letter from 2001,
From Chewbacca the Pup

"Deer Santa,

A ball, puppy ball, yellow. I make friends with the gray fuzzies in the yard, I "no pee, NO PEE" on rug and I learn-ed my digging real good. Good puppy, good puppy. Ball for puppy. Chewie wants a ball. Ball, ball, ball. If can't find check Dad's closet, up high. Ball. I get for myself but Dad say "Bad Dog!" for climbing closet like gray fuzzies in trees. Ball, please, Good Puppy!

Thank you,
Chewie the Pup

PS- Yellow, fuzzy ball. Please. Ball. Ball, good boy!

Submitted by Stewart Hamilton, NYC, NY

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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

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