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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

By: Petplace Staff

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Poodle Miniature - Dear Santa...

I have been a good girl this year. As you know a nice family adopted me, and they take very good care of me. My Mommy helps the rescue group that took care of my friends and me.

For Christmas this year I would like all my "senior" friends (like me} in rescue to find a new home like mine. But I'm realistic.

I guess my true wish would be for everyone who is looking for a companion would think about there own "golden years", and hope that someone would take care of them in the same manner. And make their days be cherished like mine with my wonderful family.

I know that's a BIG wish but I've got faith in you after last years wish of a new family coming true.

I hope you have a great year and I've left the reindeer a special treat along with your milk & cookies.

Thank you,

Dottie McDonald.

P.S. Mom forgave the accident in the kitchen, Hope you can look past that too.

Submitted by Lynda McDonald - Houston, Texas

All I want for Christmas is to run and play

Dear Santa,

My name is Apollo and I am two years old. I am a Great Dane; some people call me a gentle giant, but I know I'm still a puppy. Last Christmas, I was betrayed by my first family, they left me in the cold, dark woods alone and shot me in the right hip with a pellet gun. I ran deep into the woods and became afraid of people. I wanted to send you a letter when I was alone and afraid, but I didn't know how to reach you. I asked you in my dreams for a new home, someone to love me, and many happy memories. In February 2006, someone from a rescue group found me and lured me out of the woods with hashbrowns. I was so hungry that I followed the people and hungrily ate every hasbrown they had. The people put me in their van and drove me to someone else's home. Today, I am with the best family ever. I have my own bed; I'm fed two times a day and have snacks in between meals. I have put on a lot of weight and have a best friend Great Dane Indigo who lives with me. Indigo has told me she has been with these people for seven years.

Anyway Santa, I have to put on a little bit more weight and then get my Lyme disease under control and then I might be able to get the lead pellet out of my right hip. My new owners work with range of motion on my right hip; but sometimes it hurts too much. All I want for Christmas Santa is to be able to run and play with Indigo. Do you think I could have surgery soon? My new parents have told me December 20 I see my doctor and then we are going to make a decision about my hip. I sure like it here. Last night I fell asleep in my new Mom's arms; she wears perfume and smells nice. My new Dad makes sure I have clean water and bathes me once a month. Oh and Santa, could Indigo and I have new leashes, doggie bones for Christmas, and walks everyday?

Thank you,

Apollo Gonzales

Submitted by Connie Gonzales, RN and Rick Gonzales

Cocker Spaniel - Dear Santa

Hello my name is Zofie, I just got here, I m a five year old who's job was to produce puppies up until two months ago. My new owner she scooped me up and took me for nearly a two-day ride in my crate to her home. There I have learned I m the only one with her. Oh I m so happy, but so confused cause I don't know where all those other dogs are.

My food is still there untouched in the kitchen when I go looking for it. This is odd. But I like it. Oh oh oh, Friday I was taken to this cold cold place where they stuck me and I fell asleep, next thing I know I think my new owner was carrying me into my home, what happened? But my tummy is sore; I tried jumping off the couch, ouch! That hurt. Ok so Santa I just want for all other doggies to be what I am for Christmas, that is happy and content.

But of course if I can get some doggie treats I would go for that too....


Zofie girl

Submitted by Lynda Temple - Willits, California

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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

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