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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

By: Petplace Staff

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Dear Santa

My name is Cheyenne, I'm three years old and have a little sister that is two. We need new toys for Christmas. Our mom always buys us the latest toys but I must say I'm not very gentle with them. Mom buys me toys for the power chewer - and the power chewer that I am - I can kill the best of toys almost before mom gets them out of the package.

My sister, Dixie, well she's much better with the toys. My mom got Dixie from the Humane Society and she didn't even know how to play with toys for a really long time - but I taught her. She plays with them real nice - but then I get a hold of them - and ooops - all gone - I don't mean to "hurt" the toys - but I'm only 3 years old, I just can't help myself.

My mom got a part-time job at the local pet store - just so she could buy us more toys. But Santa, could you bring us some new toys so Mom doesn't have to work so much. We'll be sure to set out some cookies and milk on Christmas eve for you Santa and I'll try not to eat them before you get here.

Merry Christmas Santa - we hung our stockings in the living room so you'd be able to find them.

Submitted by H Wicken - Omaha, NE

From Mellow to Santa

Dear Santa,

It's probably crazy to think that a dog can have too many toys, but it's true. Hi, I'm Mellow and I am that dog. It will take me three lifetimes to go through the tennis balls thrown in the yard from the neighbors who love me. Santa brought me a real cool Mr. Zebra stuffed toy last year and I still have him.

I also have plenty of Frisbees and water Kong's and bandanas and bones and treats. This year, all I want is a few new friends at the bark park who were rescued like I was, and given a warm loving home with lots of playtime, attention, good vet know what I mean.

So, if you could find a home for as many as possible, that would make my holiday great.

Thanks, Santa...

Your friend, Mellow

Submitted by Mitch Brown

To Santa from Dolly

Oh Santa. How I love you. I got my picture made with you today. And I was such a good girl. I sat in your lap and how soft your beard was.aww.i love you.

For Christmas, I wish for a new doggie bowl a pink one. Cause I have a blue one and girls shouldn't have blue stuff. It's not right.

And I would love some new toys. Am not going to be too picky on those cause I love any kind of toy. It doesn't matter.oh and clothes cause I'm a 2 lb Chihuahua , that needs to stay warm this season.

And please bring my brother and sister a little something. They like bones. (Big bones)
And I want to wish you a merry Christmas and stay warm and be safe Santa.



Submitted by Tina

Santa Bring Treats!

Dear Santa,

We are good dogs. I am Dixie (mom's girl) and my brother is Toby (dad's boy). We are 9 & 11 and love treats. Mom gave us new collars (with bells) for our Christmas picture.

We tried to tell her we'd rather have treats - not sure she listened. (She thinks we get enough. Yeah right!)

Santa - Bring Treats. Oh, yeah, PLEASE bring treats! (Mom keeps trying to teach us manners.)

Submitted by Barbara May - Towson, MD

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What Dogs Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Dogs

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