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What is the FDA Doing to Investigate the Pet Food Contamination?

By: FDA Press Release

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FDA's investigation remains open and active, and the agency continues to follow leads to get closer to the root cause of the pet food problem, says Rogers. "FDA will continue monitoring the ongoing recalls, conduct recall audit follow-ups to ensure an effective recall, and promptly inform the public of any additional findings regarding the recent outbreak of cat and dog illness."

FDA recognizes that there may be many more pet illnesses and deaths than the 16 deaths it has confirmed so far. Universities and groups such as Banfield Pet Hospital (a nationwide network of veterinary hospitals), the Veterinary Information Network, the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, and other organizations are providing information to help FDA in assessing the extent of the outbreak. In addition, these organizations help the agency communicate important health information to the public about the safety of their pets.

As the investigation continues, FDA scientists will review blood and tissue samples of affected animals to understand how melamine contributed to the pet illnesses. "This understanding will provide valuable information about the cause of this outbreak, and what FDA and the pet food industry can do to avoid this type of problem in the future," says Sundlof.

For more information, including a list of recalled pet food, visit:

What to Do With Recalled Pet Food

Do NOT feed the recalled pet food to your animals. Return the pet food to the store where you purchased it and ask for a refund. If you cannot return the pet food immediately, store it in a secure place where pets and children cannot get to it.

Signs to Look For in Your Pet

Pet owners should be alert to signs of kidney illness, such as:
  • loss of appetite
  • weakness or lack of energy
  • vomiting

    If your pet shows any of these signs, call your veterinarian.

    How to Report a Reaction to a Pet Food

    Call the FDA consumer complaint coordinator for your geographic area. To find your coordinator, visit: Try to have the following information available before calling:

  • Brand name, lot numbers, and UPC code for the pet food fed to your dog or cat when it was ill. A lot number is typically stamped on the bag/pouch or on the can lid. Lot numbers usually consist of a series of letters and numbers.

  • If your pet received treatment by a veterinarian, his/her name, address, and telephone number

  • Date illness first noticed

  • Signs displayed

  • Any veterinary reports available.

    Date Posted: April 16, 2007

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    What is the FDA Doing to Investigate the Pet Food Contamination?

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