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What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Dog?

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Dogs bring tons of joy, love, and companionship into our lives. But they can also bring other "stuff". There is always bad with the good.

So...Dr. Debra tossed out a poll a few weeks ago and asked dog lovers – What is the worst thing about owning a dog? The goal is NOT to deter anyone from getting a dog but to be educated about the pros and cons to make sure a dog is the right fit for them.

Over 3300 dog lovers responded and the results were as follows:

What is the worst thing about owning a dog?        %

What is the worst thing about owning a dog?%
Difficulty traveling/board or get pet sitter21
Other answer13
Pet hair13
Cost of medical care12
Inappropiate urination9
Barking or whining7
Destroying things6
Pet odors4
Walking dog3
Wanting to go outside3
Jumping up3
Waking you up2
Other behavioral problems2
Cost of pet food2

There was a large number that said other. There was an obvious choice that we left out – you'll soon see what it was.

These were the responses:

Other "worst things about owning a dog" that was not on the list

  • Edna wrote - I said the hair, jumping up & the medical costs just for the minimum needs. She is a choc. lab mix & sheds a lot! She is well behaved & easy to train. Thought she was a year old when we adopted her but she was only 9 months. Had her spayed, her shots, worm & disease tests, worm treatment, etc... Cost a bundle! They really seem to take advantage of our love for our pets. But we would not trade our girl for anything. She helps take care of the kitten we found & rescued too. Shares her food with him & won't eat until he starts. She is a love but she jumps too much. We love them both so much.

  • Debra wrote - the only bad thing about owning a dog is watching them be sick and die ...

  • Kristi - The absolute worst thing is when your beloved dog gets sick/old and you have to say goodbye. That's the hardest thing in the world and the biggest dread I think up when I get a new dog.

  • Denise - I think the worst thing about a pet is that when your pet is hurt or sick you do not know if you are doing everything possible for your pet. They never complain and you just look at their sad eyes and hope they are getting btter

  • Donna - I have 3 dogs, and they are the joy of my life. There are some inconveniences of having dogs - the pet hair, finding someone I trust to keep them when I go on vacation, the cost of medical care (1 of my dogs has had many health problems, and takes a lot of medications)... but it is all worth that unconditional love you get each and every day. The hardest part, as others have said, is seeing them get sick, doing all you can to make them well, knowing they trust you, but can't tell you how they feel... and then the day they have to go to Heaven (and yes, I believe dogs go to Heaven). It breaks your heart. But it is definitely worth it, and I'll do it over and over again!

  • Joanne Knoll - You didn't list the "clean up behind" your pets. I have two Great Danes and one English Mastiff and it is the poop patrol detail that I hate the most, but it has to be done. They are worth it!

  • Rick - My two dogs pre-date my kids. The worst part of dog ownership now is the guilt I feel when I can't give them the attention now (with 3 kids between 2 and 6) that I could when it was just my wife and I.

  • After a lifetime of loving them, they will get old and die. That is the worst part. My son told me we must "love them enough to let them go," but that is SO hard.

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    What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Dog?

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