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What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Dog?

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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  • Sister Juanita- I love my dog Betsy of 15 l/2 years old. I would do anything for her.The worst thing I can see coming is the day that God will call her to Heaven and she will leave me. But one day we will meet again.

  • Bo- I have found that the worst part of owning a dog(s) is that they die too soon and you are never ready to let them go. I would, and have, put up with helping aging dog's problems with urination, paying for live - in sitters, spending thousands in vet bills, odors, hair, etc, to give my precious creatures the best life I can. My dogs are MY responsibility to love, care for, respect, and I have always received from them more than I have ever given.

  • Jean Deegan- Our worst fear is of losing our little peke, Tilly, to passing away...she is 10 yrs. old and has had pancreas problems, but doing well this winter...she seems so vibrant and full of life, but still worry about when that time will come...

  • Tom Farney- I agree that the worst thing is the end of their lives. When I think about my former companions, I try to remember that all of them are waiting to tell St. Peter to let me in.

  • Peggy- We raise miniature poodles and the worst thing that I have come across is finding someone you can trust to take care of your loved ones when you go away. We are just now starting over with young ones and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Yes we have to potty train and teach them what is right and wrong but you do the same with your children right? Our four legged kids deserve the very best and only we can give it to them. So instead of thinking of the worst things that come with raising a pup think of the good things that will happen to you in the next 15 to 20 years and remember that your pup will be right there at your side for the good and bad. I agree that loosing your fur baby is a terrible thing but when it comes to that time you have to know in your heart to do what is right for them. When they look at you and you know it is time be strong one more time for them and let them go with God and you will see them when your time comes. They have always looked up to us to take care of them and this is one of those times. The tears are with us for a long time but the JOY of having them to love for the years we had is something we'll never ever forget. Gotta love those Poodles!!!

  • Joyce A. Anthony- While losing one of my furkids is devastating (I lost 4 kitties within 24 hours at one point), the pain is inevitable. It comes with living and growing old--and I like to think I made their lives wonderful. For me, the day-to-day worst thing is having to go outside in all kinds of weather for a potty break! Last week, the temps were in the negative numbers-and I swear if he spoke English, my Sam woukld have protested on how unfair it was that the cats, birds, chinchilla and humans all got to stay where it was warm-and he had to freeze his butt just to do his business :-) U wasn't that thrilled to have to be out there either!

  • Jess- Be very careful about researching the personality traits typically associated with the breed of dog you are considering adopting. My husband and I adopted a chiuahuah/toy fox terrier mix a little over 2 years ago because we wanted a little dog and he was absolutely adorable. However, he is so anxious, high-strung and hyper that we often have a hard time enjoying him. He barks loudly at everyone who comes to the door, walks by the fence, and even when he hears people talking outside our house (we live on a busy corner with quite a bit of foot traffic, so this is an all day, every day problem.) He is very jealous and needy, which has become even more apparent since we brought home our first baby 7 weeks ago. It's become such a problem that we aren't sure if we will be able to keep him, especially once our baby is mobile. Fortunately, my mom will take him if that happens. (As annoying as he can be, it would still break my heart to just give him to a shelter.) This is the first dog I've ever had, and it's certainly been a learning experience. I hope this helps anyone considering adopting a dog.

  • Mary - hmmm 226 vote for pet hair? Should be a non issue. I tell my husband he sheds almost as much as my dog. So what if the carpet, couch, bed, kitchen etc always has dog hair, my doggy is so worth it!!

  • Dave- The fear of one day losing my dog(s) is always there, and actually losing a pet is obviously the worst part about having one, but I have to remind myself of how much love and joy they bring, as well as the fact that they are living a very good life here at the "chateau." I just wish all pet owners would take their responsibilities seriously. Too often I see people who want to have the pets without actually taking ownership of them. And my real "pet" peeve is parents who get a pet for their kids, tell their kids that the pet is their responsibility, and actually believe it. Some people are just too clueless to have pets at all. We have four dogs, plus one who has passed, and recently a cat who has decided to "adopt" us, because our neighbors are of the clueless type I mentioned above. We love all of them as if they were our kids. I also believe we will once again be with our pets on the other side when our days on earth are done.

  • James R Taylor - I have had several dogs and most of them have been larger dogs. I had one Goldeen Retreiver and the rest of them (5) were German Shepherds. I loved everyone of them as though they were my kids. We had to have 4 of the German Shepherds put to sleep from cancer and hip displasia. I thought that I wanted to die with each of them. they were my total companions and were by my side until the end. My second on had cancer quite bad. This probably was one of the reasons that I thought would never have another dog. My Vet here at home did all that he could to save her and then told me to take her to a vet that specialized in dogs with cancer. This well known vet took her in and said that she could probably save her. I was doughtful but I would do anything for this dog, named LADY. I went to several sessions with this Vet and was told that she was doing great. When I took LADY for her last session I was told that she wasn't doing as good as was hoped but there was one more operation to try and I said , go for it as I so didn't want to lose my right hand, which is what she was. When I got home, my Wife of 40 some years asked me if I had any idea just how much we had spent on Lady' though she never said no to any of the opperations, but when she said that it was almost $5000.00 I had to meke one of my deecesions of what to do. I asked my original Vet at home and he said that it was up to me but he didn't think that there was much if any hope. So I took my right hand to this Vet and held her head as he put her to sleep. This was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my 60 some years, but I thought it out and didn't want to see her suffer anymore and If I do it right I would see her in the Great Dog House in heaven. She saw some sheep on a hill by the road and didn't know just what they were but every time that we drove by it she would start barking. I still have to drrive by the sheep about every day and when i do my eyes start to tear up and even sometimes I cry.I can't help it as I still miss this dog so much, even if I have had two German Shepherds since that I loved just as much. I have a Beautiful German Shepherd now that I love as much as the others. He is about 2 years old and is just full of the dickens but I am having a great time with him. I am a glutton for punishment but I love dogs.

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    What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Dog?

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