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What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Dog?

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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  • Brennan Kingsland- There are many nuisances with pet ownership, like flea prevention, soiling and odors - but they pale in comparison to losing a beloved pet. I have learned to treasure the few short years I have with them, and love them as much as I can while they are with me. The other stuff can all be managed with proper pet care. Death can't be managed.

  • Sue Clark- I lost my little dog, Poppy, last week. The pain of loss is terrible and I feel so guilty that due to being distressed over christmas I made her last few weeks stressful, we know they pick up on our emotions. I also delayed taking her to the vet the morning she died, although the vet said it wouldn't have made any difference I still feel I let her down. She was such a pretty, loving, trusting girl, she was my life. Would I have not wanted her in my life if I had known the depth of pain I was going to feel on losing her? She blessed my life so much and enriched it, of course I would want her in my life. Would she ahve wanted me in her life - although I loved her I wasn't the best of owners, I tended to be lazy with the walking, especially if I was feeling down and I often got stressed out.

  • Greta- I have a Norwegian Elkhound who is very easy to train and well behaved all but his lose of hair because of the type of dog he is for shedding. We will miss him very very much if/when we need to make the decision to put him down or he dies. He is our only child because we can't have any real kids. I've only had Elkhounds my whole life and I know for sure that he will be with use very very long. I do know when I'm not feeling well because of my illness that he stays by my side. He will even lay on the couch with me. We believe that dogs and cats (which we have 2 cats) are costly but we will do anything for them. I think some times I over react for how they fell since they can't tell us how they are felling. Just want to make sure that my children are in good/great health so that they are with us for a very long time. He is also great for greeting people (even when he knows their name). I'm sure that I could go on and on about how great our children are to use.

  • Kirsten- The worst part of owning a dog is making the descion to have them put to sleep.

  • Maizie - Mine worst thing is losing one as in pretty much everyone elses!!!!! Just last week I had to decide to send my baby Rocky to doggie Heaven, he wasn't yet 3!!!!!! I cry all the time!!!!! there's a big big hole, tho I still have 3, 2 sheppard mix sisters I found 5 years ago (whom shed extremely but who cares) and my oldest I adopted 9 years ago she is a mastiff mix and a BIG bundle of joy!!!!! My little guy Rocky was a pit mix whom also was someones throw away and one thing that consoles me is we were able to give him a little over 2 years of Love and happiness!!!! After a couple thousand dollars in vet bills we could no longer keep holding on his heart just keep bleeding out and we had to let him go!!!!!! This message is written in memory of "ROCKY"!!!!

  • Michele - I agree THE hardest thing is to lose them but having to make the decision to have them put to aleep is heart wrenching. I still feel guilty when I had to have 2 put down because of their backs(have minitiature dachshunds)and recently had to have one of the loves of my life put down due to cancer.Her type was fast growing and usually by the time you feel a lump it's already started spreadingChemo would have been several thousand (which is a significant amout for me)I also didn't want to put her through that at 13.Would I ever switch breeds-knowing about the back issues? I cannot imagine life without my doxies. It's so sad though. I thought I should be responsible and get a rescue rather than buy another one and save a life but there are"fights" over them so so infrequent.But then there are tons of chiquaquas and beagles because people didn't check into the breedsbefore getting them then take them to shelters when they can't manage them or they weeren't what they expected.God bless the rest of you animal lovers too-ever notice how nice we are?

  • Jana V- The very hardest thing about owning a dog is... The day they pass away and you realize you have lost one of the best things ever brought into your life. Watching them get old and still doing they're best to love and confort you through they're pain. I have lost two dogs i have been very close to one just last year and yes to me losing my best friend is the very hardest thing about owning a dog. My Sadie is a Catahoula and 13 years old now, call me stupid but everynight when i tell her i love her and kiss her goodnight and make sure she is comfortable for the night I cry, because i know she is getting old and she will be leaving me. She is my best friend, and I know my other dog Litttle Bear named after his dad will morn with me, forever not just a few days but for the rest of both of our lives. I live in the country and my dog that passed away is buried in my back yard and so will my other dogs so I can still go visit them everyday. Losing your dog and best friend is definitley by far the hardest thing about owning a dog.

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    What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Dog?

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