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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Names: Cool Names for Yorkshire Terrier Breed Dogs

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Are you looking for that perfect dog name that just fits your Yorkshire Terrier? Naming a dog can be difficult.

We have gotten several emails from wonderful and dedicated Yorkshire Terrier owners over the years asking for their own article on Yorkshire Terrier name suggestions! Here are some suggestions from them!

We hope this list of Yorkshire Terrier names gives you an idea on naming your pup. Do you have a good Yorkshire Terrier name suggestion? Email us your dog name ideas and we will try to add them to our Yorkshire Terrier name list!

  •         Amber
  •         Austin (from Austin Powers – funny and relentless male ego)
  •         Baby
  •         Bambi
  •         Bear
  •         Beaux
  •         Beemer - suggested because their dogs face just beams like a lighthouse and we own a BMW
  •         Belle
  •         Bindy Ssue
  •         Bleu
  •         Bobby
  •         Boca- Spanish for "mouth"
  •         Bogie
  •         Bows
  •         Bowzer
  •         Brandy
  •         Brody (br-oh-di)
  •         Busy Body
  •         Busy Boy
  •         Buttercup
  •         Buttons
  •         Buzy
  •         Calliope
  •         Carlos- as in King Juan Carlos of Spain.
  •         Carrie
  •         Cece
  •         Chanel
  •         Cici
  •         Coco
  •         Corkie
  •         Cricket
  •         Cupid
  •         Chewy - because he looks like chewbaca from starwars
  •         Cupcake
  •         Diesel
  •         Dini - for Houdini
  •         Buster
  •         Otis
  •         Zeke
  •         Duncan
  •         Emma Peel
  •         Fabio - He was very proud of his long hair, and pranced around like a little.. well.. Fabio
  •         Fifi
  •         Furry Murray
  •         Gid
  •         Gid
  •         Giddy
  •         Gideon
  •         Gideon
  •         Ginger
  •         Gizmo
  •         Gucci
  •         Hildy
  •         Holly Polly
  •         Hunter
  •         Isabella - like the Queen of Spain
  •         Izzy
  •         Izzybee
  •         Jackson
  •         Jacob
  •         Jazz
  •         Jojo
  •         Joy-Joy (or Joy)
  •         Juli
  •         Jumpy
  •         Khlioe
  •         Kiki
  •         Kylie ( ki-lee)
  •         Lacey Lou
  •         Lexi
  •         Lexus
  •         Little Miss Sunshine (Sunny)
  •         Little Bit
  •         Lola
  •         Luther
  •         Maisie
  •         Mallorie
  •         Marquis
  •         Micklegate - Micklegate Bar, an entrance to York, England and in Old English means Great Path
  •         Miguel
  •         Mimi
  •         Mini Cooper
  •         Misty
  •         Mollie
  •         Monet
  •         Mr. Darcey (because I'm a Jane Austen fan and he is a perfect little gentleman)
  •         Mr. Magoo
  •         Mr. Tiny
  •         Muffin
  •         Muffy Ann
  •         Munchkin
  •         Murphy
  •         Nina
  •         Nora Jayne
  •         Octain
  •         Oni (oh-knee) means little king and prayed for
  •         Peekaboo
  •         Petula
  •         Phoebe
  •         Pica
  •         Pico
  •         Rex (after the Dinosaur T-Rex)
  •         Riley
  •         Rosie
  •         Rowdy
  •         Sassy
  •         Schampu
  •         Scooter
  •         Scribbles
  •         Tucker
  •         Sharman T. Wiggles (T is for Tank)
  •         Shayna which means 'pretty' in yiddish
  •         Shire (for Lord Of the Rings)
  •         Simba
  •         Soh-Big
  •         Spike
  •         Sugar
  •         Tammy Sue
  •         Tawni
  •         Tula (from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"
  •         Nickels -I had to save 7000 Jefferson nickels for her purchase price
  •         Abbygail
  •         Nike
  •         Mr. Bo Jangles
  •         Josie
  •         Aveda
  •         Tutti - which means "all" in Italian.
  •         Pickles
  •         Teigan" which is Aztec for little princess in a big valley!
  •         Tequila
  •         Tiki
  •         Tinker Bell
  •         Tinkle bell (likes to tinkle)
  •         Tippy
  •         Trudie
  •         Truffle
  •         Tucker
  •         Twinkie
  •         Wendee
  •         Wikitt (after the ewok in Star Wars)
  •         Wikkit
  •         Winston
  •         Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher
  •         Joseph's Silk Tassel
  •         Timberland - He hid inside a Timberland boot
  •         Wizz (he likes to wiz on everything)
  •         Yoda
  •         York
  •         Yorks
  •         Yorky Sheffield Wellington
  •         Yo-Yo
  •         Yogi, after Yogi Bear, cause he is a big teddy bear

    Do you have a cool dog name? Or better yet, a cool Yorkshire Terrier dog name? Tell us the cool dog name and how you came up with it!
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    Here is even a list of over 1200 common dog names. Or maybe you just want to look for an unusual dog name. How about cool dog names? We have tons of those!

    Do you have a name suggestion?. Email us!

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    Yorkshire Terrier Dog Names: Cool Names for Yorkshire Terrier Breed Dogs

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