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Conditions of the Hock

By: Dr. Patricia J. Provost

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Follow Up

Optimal treatment for a horse with arthritis of the hock requires a combination of owner and professional veterinary care. Follow-up can be critical, especially if improvement is not seen or if the lameness becomes more severe despite therapy.

Any horse that becomes more lame 1 – 10 days following intra-articular therapy should be seen immediately by a veterinarian to determine if the horse has developed a joint infection or a reaction to the medication.

Arthritis at this point is not curable. Successful management will depend on a correct diagnosis and diligent long-term care. Changes in management, including increased pasture turnout and decreased intensity of work, along with changes in medication may be necessary to allow the horse to continue to have a pain free productive life.

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Conditions of the Hock

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