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Ten Ways To Decorate Your Horse’s Home For The Holidays

By: Susan Perry

Read By: Pet Lovers
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What better way to spread holiday cheer than to decorate your barn where you enjoy equine as well as human companionship. Be creative!!

1. A big green wreath with a red bow is a welcoming sight on the front of the barn.

2. Individual small wreaths can be hung on stall doors. Pine cones and bunches of red berries make nice decorations. Finish them off with bows of red, green and white plaid ribbon.

3. Icicle lights - those long nets of small white lights – are festive at night along the roofline outside the barn. (Note: don't do indoor lights in the barn. A horse may be electrocuted if he accidentally steps on the extension cord.)

4. Find cardboard reindeer cutouts at a discount/department store and hang them on the stalls. Give each horse an appropriate name for one of Santa's reindeer and write it on the cutout.

5. Cut red poster board into stocking shapes. Glue cotton on the top. Use glue and glitter to write each horse's name on one. Hang them in a row or on individual stalls.

6. Purchase a red fleece or striped knit stocking. Hang it on your horse's door filled with candy canes. Your horse can give a "present" to his visitors – vet, farrier, deliveryman and even your Mom.

7. Wind a wide red ribbon up the support posts in your barn. Top it off with a big bow.

8. Hang a set of sleigh bells on the tack room door. They look Christmasy and give a jingle every time you pass through.

9. Place a festive jar of cinnamon sticks or potpourri on the tack room counter. Open it up when you're cleaning tack for a nice aroma of the season.

10. Bring your tune box out to the barn and plug it in on a shelf out of harm's way. Play Christmas music as you groom and sing along. This is guaranteed to make you smile and brush harder!

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Ten Ways To Decorate Your Horse’s Home For The Holidays

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