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Learn How to Care for Your New Kitten In 5 Minutes or Less

Learn the basic skills you need to eliminate common problems and make having a new kitten a true joy.

KITTEN KOLLEGE KITTEN Cat Lovers Favorite Pet Movies

We love movies and anytime is a good time to curl up with your favorite feline friend and watch a movie. Your ... Is It Okay to Spoil Your Cat?

Is it okay to spoil your cat? Well, that depends on how you define “spoiling.” What Cats Teach About Love

There are a lot of cat lovers out there that wouldn’t dream of having only one cat. Many of us live in multipl ... Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

We asked for users to give us additional name suggestions and we received some wonderful stories that we’d lik ... What Does Your Cat Do When You Come Home Smelling Like Other Cats?

I’ve known a few cats who seem to get positively jealous when their owners come home smelling like someone els ...

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Dealing with Kitten Problems

Information to help you deal effectively when your kitten is sick or has behavioral problems.

• Kittens Health:

Vomiting, diarrhea, Urinary problems and more

• Kitten Behavior Problems:

Inappropriate elimination, Aggression, Scratching and more

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