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Learn How to Care for Your New Kitten In 5 Minutes or Less

Learn the basic skills you need to eliminate common problems and make having a new kitten a true joy.

KITTEN KOLLEGE KITTEN Sneezing and Nasal Discharge in Cats

Although normal cats may occasionally sneeze or have nasal discharge, severe, chronic or recurrent bouts of sn ... What Is Flea Dirt on Cats?

Flea dirt is not really “dirt” at all. It is the feces of the flea that can be found on pets. It appears as sm ... Why Cats Land on Their Feet

Contrary to popular belief, falling cats do not always land on their feet. In fact, every day cats sustain ser ... Is It Stressful for a Cat to Live Indoors?

Do you think cats can be happy if they are indoor-only cats that are never allowed to go out? What Do You Think - Is Your Cat Happy?

Is your cat really happy? Is it even possible to tell if a cat is happy?

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Dealing with Kitten Problems

Information to help you deal effectively when your kitten is sick or has behavioral problems.

• Kittens Health:

Vomiting, diarrhea, Urinary problems and more

• Kitten Behavior Problems:

Inappropriate elimination, Aggression, Scratching and more

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