“Big Chicken”

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Big Chicken
Columbus, Ohio


Domestic Shorthair

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My mommy’s name is Debra

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“Big Chicken” by: Debra Primovic

My cat's name is "Big Chicken" (we call him "BC" for short) because he was found in the parking lot of a chicken restaurant eating and begging for French fries. He was very thin, full of fleas and ear mites, and he was hungry.

We are not sure how BC ended up outside in a parking lot - if he got out or if he just never had a home.

Someone found him and took him in to Ohio State Vet School where he lived for about three months… but no one wanted him. He was a real sweetheart but most of the faculty and students were already saturated with pets.

I heard about him and felt bad for the little bugger living in a cage so I decided to take him home for a long weekend just to give him a break. He never left our home.

In many ways BC is more like a dog than a cat. He follows you everywhere and pretty much never lets you out of his site. He greets you at the door, lets you know when someone is at the door and he really loves to play.  He literally lets you do anything to him. You can dress him up and he just lies there and loves the attention. You can even hold him upside down and he purrs!

Another good name for BC would have been "Velcro" because when you move him from your lap, he comes right back again!

"BC"has come to have many meanings. Everyone in the family makes up names for what the "B" and "C" stand for (besides Big Chicken). During an Ohio State game, BC is the “Bucks Cat”. Just to tease him, he is "Bad Cat" – it goes on and on.

BC is the sweetest and most loving of cats. He is happiest when he can lie on your lap (or anyone's) and get some attention! All he wants from life is some love and I'm so happy that we can give it to him.

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