Ariel: Little Miss Matchmaker!

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Ariel: Little Miss Matchmaker! by: Angela

Our dog, Ariel, is such a special dog.  In fact, she is a little “matchmaker”.  She was the reason my husband, John, and I met!

I love animals and was teaching a puppy pre-school class at the local shelter.  Ariel was a special birthday present for John’s 3-year-old daughter, Jordan.  As a single working parent, training was more than John wanted to handle on his own so he enrolled Ariel in my class. 

Ariel was an unforgettable puppy – so intelligent and energetic with beautiful blue eyes and that unmistakable tri-color Border Collie look.  She was a star student, so I was surprised when the shelter called to say that Ariel’s owner had requested additional assistance with her training.

I called John to discuss his “training issues” (which was really his disguised way to get to know me better and eventually ask me out).  Ariel “graduated” from her training class – and John and I started dating shortly after the class ended.  That was five years ago and John and I are now married!

We truly love our girl, Ariel, both for who she is and for how she brought the two of us together.  She is the reason we “found” each other.

Ariel is no longer a puppy.  Her blue eyes have turned brown and she’s grown quite a bit, but other than that nothing has changed.  She is still intelligent, energetic and very loving.

Ariel loves to catch Frisbee and does an amazing job ‘herding’ when we have Jordan’s friends over.  She brings amazing joy to our family and not a day goes by that I don’t remember how she brought us together.  She is such a special dog – and quite the little matchmaker!


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