Isn't she funny looking?

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"Miss Chloe"
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French Bulldog

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My mommy’s name is Karin

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Isn't she funny looking? by: Karin

Chloe is a Frenchie or French Bulldog, but at home she is the “Lady of the House”. She is an ugly little thing but adorable (I can say that lovingly because I’m her Mom). Chloe was the second puppy of a litter of two puppies and she was named after the Kardashian sister, Khloe.

Her sister grew normally and is standard size for a Frenchie… but Chloe never did. That is why we got her. Chloe is the veterinarian’s nightmare, but some might argue that she is the jackpot! She is a dwarf dog, short and chubby, with lots of “issues”. Frenchies have some health problems and Chloe has most of them… Brachycephalic Syndrome, elongated palate, short legs, some knee and hip problems, and skin folds on her face that we need to wash daily. As you might imagine, she is high maintenance.

Chloe’s tongue is too big for her mouth so some of it is always sticking out. She loves beds. She has 5 different beds all around the house and she sleeps in all of them as the day goes by. While she sleeps she snorts, wheezes and snores most of the time. Oh, I forgot about flatulence… better run!

We also have Boxers in our family, but having Chloe is very different. She is so little but she bosses all of them around! She tells them to get in their crates and if they make too much noise she lets them know about it. Chloe is a force to be reckoned with! She polices the Boxers (who are six times her size) and keeps them in order.

Chloe is the “official greeter” at our home. You may have thought you only found them only at Walmart, but we’ve got one too. She will greet everyone that arrives at the door and she is excited to see everyone - even the ones that are not wearing high heels (she loves to chew on them).

Chloe has very little patience with us. She will stand by the door and if you are not watching she will let you know that you failed to take her out. Her bark though (one of her best features) is divine. It is not squeaky at all. It is a hoarse “low to the ground” bark. Her favorite sport is eating; she has a great appetite and will actually vacuum the entire house looking for crumbs. Ice cubes are her second favorite thing. She will carry the cube until it’s too cold and then drop it, play with it for a little while and do it all over again until it is gone.

Chloe’s nighttime ritual is hilarious. Once the door is closed and the outside lights are off, all we need to say is “nighty night” and she will run to her bed for a well-deserved night of rest.

She did inherit the one characteristic of all Frenchies - she is a clown and that is what makes our day. No matter what the situation, she will always inject some of her great attitude into our day and make it better. When she is happy, she hops and dances!

Chloe is 14 pounds of pure love and we are having a ball with her. Check out her photo… now tell me if she isn't adorable!


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