Malena and Her "Pet Sisters"

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My mommy’s name is Vera

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Malena and Her "Pet Sisters" by: Vera

When I was growing up we had two cats: a Siamese and an orange alley cat. Then we spent three years without a pet. That had been very strange for us. We felt something was missing so we decided it was time to have a new one.

After many twists and turns, we decided to buy a Persian cat. We went to the breeding place where they had delivered 4 kittens. Malena was very shy, but when we started to play with colored feathers, she started to jump and open her big eyes. At that point we knew that she was “the one”.

From that day she has been great company. Malena is not like the other cats we had. She is not as talkative as the Siamese. There’s something special about her. She almost never meows, but she speaks with her eyes. She has a strong look, and when you talk to her, she starts to purr very loudly.  She loves watching TV at night. If you forget to caress her, she starts calling you with her paw very softly – but she will never meow. She plays a lot at night. When we wake up we always find some toys scattered on the floor. We must be very careful with the threads because she loves eating them!

When Malena became 5 years old, I moved out of my parents’ house into my own place and my mother decided to buy one more pet: a hamster! I thought that was a crazy and dangerous idea, but I was wrong. It is amazing how they live together without problems in the house. Malena is very quiet and never tries to hurt “Bonita” (this is the hamster’s name - it means “beautiful” in Spanish).  Sometimes she stands in front of the hamster’s box and spends a lot of time just looking at her. Bonita never seems scared because she knows she’s a kind of “pet-sister”.

There are three sisters now: Malena, Bonita and the oldest sister - me. Sometimes when I talk too much to Bonita, Malena comes over and starts to meow. It is almost the only time that she will meow! Ha ha ha. She is very jealous!

One time, when my parents took vacations, I brought Malena to my home. It was a disaster! Malena loves her place and doesn’t like other places. She didn’t want to eat, she was sacred about all the new noises, and when she saw a dove or a bird, she started to meow in panic. She spent most of the time under the bed. I tried to relax her for a few days, but then I decided to return to her home. There she is very happy. She has her stuff, her toys, and that special smell that each house has. We know now that she is very delicate and emotional, and we love Malena exactly as she is.


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