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My mommy’s name is Lori

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Me and My Shadow by: Lori

When Shadow's mom, Lori, went to the Humane Society to adopt a cat, she had no idea just how special the little girl she would be bringing home with her would turn out to be.  

There were so many kittens at the shelter that day – but there was one in particular, a beautiful black kitten with the most amazing yellow-green eyes, that stood out from the rest.  She was bigger and older than the other kittens. While the others were playful and affectionate, this kitten was much more timid. In fact, she seemed almost frightened to be picked up and held. The shelter worker told Lori that this kitten had been abused. She was scared of people. When potential adoptive parents came to the shelter, the other cats begged for attention while this little kitten hid and quivered. As a result, no one had adopted her in the five weeks she had been at the shelter... and Lori knew her days were numbered. So she decided to adopt the frightened kitten and bring her home.

After a week or so, Lori decided to name the kitten Shadow. It seemed like the perfect name. She had a black coat. The skittish kitty was such as scaredy-cat that she was frightened by her own shadow. And she had developed such a strong attachment to her new “mommy” that she followed her everywhere she went… like a shadow.

Shadow is an indoor cat, so she loves living in Florida where the weather is warm enough for her to go out on the patio all year round. She is a good little hunter and her favorite pastime is catching gecko lizards on the patio. Once she catches them, she likes to bring them inside, put them in the bathtub, bat them around and watch them slide up and back down the sloped sides of the bathtub. She also likes to give the lizards to her mom as “surprise gifts”. Lori sometimes wakes up with a dead lizard on her pillow or finds one “hidden” inside her shoe!

Never did Lori and Joe imagine what a loving and affectionate cat Shadow would become. To this day, Shadow still hates to be picked up or held – but she loves to be cuddled, petted and fussed over by both of her parents. She loves her mommy AND her daddy, but she is still Lori's Shadow. When Lori comes home from work, Shadow greets her at the door, meowing and looking for attention. When Lori works at the computer, Shadow lies on the desk next to the computer screen, “helping” Lori type or chasing the mouse as it moves across the screen.  When she watches TV, Shadow snuggles up in Lori's lap. When Lori goes for a swim, Shadow sits by the pool. When Lori dries off on the lounge chair, Shadow jumps up to sit with her on the chaise and catch some sun. And when Lori is sick in bed, Shadow brings her a toy and lays it on the pillow by her head.

Like most cats, Shadow rules the roost. She reminds her humans on a daily basis that the world revolves around her… and Joe and Lori wouldn't have it any other way.


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