"Patrick" the Pussykat

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"Patrick" the Pussykat by: Cathi

I found myself lying under a porch outside the store, weak and tired.  I wasn't feeling very well.  I didn't know if it was the food the nice person had given me, or maybe the scraps I had found – but I felt sick for sure.  A woman approached me.  I was scared.  I wanted to run away because I didn't know her, but I couldn't move.  My muscles wouldn't work and I couldn't stand up.  She had a kind face and a soothing voice.  She spoke to me softly and approached slowly.  I tried to back away, but nothing in my body was functioning.  
Eventually, she was right there in my face.  She was pretty with long brown hair and a beautiful, melodious voice.  She petted me gently and it felt good.  She stayed with me for a while before she tried to pick me up.  I was very wary.  The memory of the last person who fed me was still fresh in my mind.  I let her pick me up because I couldn't do anything about it, even though I wanted to run – and quickly!  She carried me into the store where another woman claimed I had been hit by a car.  I wanted to scream out, "I wasn't hit by a car.  There was no car.  I just can't move and it feels like I'm paralyzed."  
The next thing I knew, there was a car and I was in it.  It belonged to the woman with the kind voice and the long hair.  She put me on a towel on the front seat.  I didn't know where I was going, and it was definitely against my will, but I still couldn't move.  After a long drive, she carried me into a building that smelled like medicine.  She laid me on a table and a man in a white lab coat came over.  He poked at me and turned me over and looked in my eyes and at my teeth.  I wanted to bite him but my mouth wasn't working at the time.  He seemed to be a nice man, but I didn't want to be there and I didn't want him poking at me.  Finally, he left me alone.
Soon I heard voices in the distance.  Hey, they were talking about me!  The nice man in the white coat said I had been poisoned.  He said I had a blood-sucking parasite that needed immediate attention or I would die.  He thought he could save my life but it would take lots of medication, a hospital stay and recuperation.  It was Memorial Day but he said that he could start immediately.  It wasn't going to be cheap and it would definitely take some time.  The woman with the long hair was crying, but she was obviously very happy to hear the good news about saving my life.  She agreed to the medication and hospitalization.
I didn't know that I would be spending Memorial Day weekend with the kind man in the white lab coat.  I didn't realize he was a veterinarian or that I would become good friends with him because I would be his patient for months.  The nice woman who saved my life was named Shawn.  She came to visit me many times while I was in the hospital.  I really looked forward to her visits.  She named me “Will Kitty” because I had the will to live.  While I was in the hospital, I got a cat blood transfusion, many meds, and lots of attention.  Finally I was able to stand up again and walk around my cage.  I started eating normal soft food.  I began to get stronger and the hospital staff started talking about sending me home.    
Home to where?  I didn't really have a home.  They weren't going to send me back to the porch I was living under in Vero Beach, were they?  I hoped not.  I was hoping Shawn would take me home and keep me because she was the only person I really trusted.  Shawn came to pick me up with a really nice travel carrier.  We drove to her house, but when we arrived, I realized she had many other pets.  Where would I fit in?  Would she keep me?  
I began living on her second floor, all by myself.  She spent lots of time with me, but I was still lonely.  I wasn't sure if she would introduce me to the rest of her pet family or keep me isolated forever.  A few days later, Shawn brought her friends Cathi and Wayne upstairs and introduced me to them.  I was scared, but they were very kind.  Shawn picked me up and gave me to Cathi.  She held me close and Wayne petted me gently.  They talked kindly to me and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.  They stayed with me for a long time.  I began feeling comfortable with them.  Then they left.  
They came by the next day, and the next day, and finally they took me to their home.  I was scared again.  I decided to spend a lot of time under the bed.  It made me feel safe because no one could get under there with me.  I found my bowl and started eating this delicious food.  I got little treats too.  Bonito Fish Flakes are my favorite.  My fur started growing and I started feeling really good about myself.  I got my self-confidence back.  I'm not living under the bed anymore.  Now I have the run of the house – my house – just me and my new parents.  They named me Patrick. My middle name is “Takoda”.  It means "Friend to Everyone".  I really like that.  My new parents love me and care for me and cuddle me and take such good care of me.  I never want to see Vero Beach again.
I love to snuggle up on Wayne's chest and help him read the newspaper.  He likes my help.  I purr a lot.  Wayne calls me his Little Buddy.  Cathi tickles me in all my favorite places.  I roll over and do head bumps with her.  Cathi calls me a “love” because I am so affectionate.  She carries me around and we take walks together through the house and around the patio.  She's teaching me how to crochet, although she's not real happy when I travel across the room with her yarn in my mouth.  They both love me and I am happy.  They are the family I always wanted.  
I've been home with Cathi and Wayne for 6 months now.  I now have a beautiful thick coat of soft fur, bright and shiny eyes, and great looking teeth.  I have a thick tail and big feet, and I tip the scales at a whopping 11 pounds.  I'm tall for my age, but my ears are a little too big for my head.  I am a young, healthy boy who loves his patio privileges.  Technically, I am an indoor cat, but I love to play outside or sun bathe, and come back in when I'm thirsty or hungry.  
I have many toys and my parents play with me all the time.  I am very talented.  I can catch little stuffed animals that are tossed to me.  I can jump high in the air and I am very good at kitty cat baseball.  My mom tosses stuffed balls at me and I bat them back to her.  I make a lot of home runs because I have very good paw-eye coordination and I am very fast.  I love playing with my parents.
I am not alone anymore.  I finally found a home where I can curl up at night and sleep at the foot of the bed (and sometimes under the covers).  I'm so happy.  I thank the Kitty Cat God for giving me such good parents who love me so much.


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