"Sweet Lips"

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"Sweet Lips"
Dillonvale, Ohio


Labrador Retriever

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"Sweet Lips" by: Bonnie

This is a story about our Yellow Labrador Retriever, named "SWEET LIPS". After losing our part collie due to old age, we waited for over a year before we were ready to love another dog. Sweet Lips was trained to be a service dog, but due to the fact that noises bothered her she was discontinued from the program. The training she received was very helpful in her behavior, which is near perfect!

We found out about her situation and went to see her and hopefully adopt her. She was almost 1 ½ years old, and very shy and reserved. We didn't know what to expect, not knowing her - and we were total strangers to her, also. We happily brought her home and it took her several weeks for her to wag her tail and act like she trusted her new owners.

She adapted well to her new farm home where she can happily roam 140 acres. She goes outside and just sits and looks over her domain. Sweet Lips has the run of the farm and doesn't wander.

This is a breed that needs exercise. She loves running alongside the 4 wheeler. In the summer she enjoys swimming in a large pond on the farm and fetching the floating toy we throw out to her. She also learned to jump into the cattle's watering trough to cool off in the summer, and sometimes she will even jump in when it’s cold. Sweet Lips runs and tries to play with the calves. She loves playing ball several times a day and she is a good retriever. She also loves to be talked to and petted. Due to the fact we are retired, she gets lots of attention and exercise, which is good for her and for us.

She will be 7 years old next March and we do our best to help keep her healthy. She gets her monthly heartworm medication and takes an anti-inflammatory drug because her breed is prone to hip dysplasia. Good nutrition is a must as it is important for her to maintain a proper weight.

By the way – she got her name “Sweet Lips” after I read a historical book about George Washington. His favorite dog was named “Sweet Lips” so that is how she got her name.

She is not aggressive at all and she enjoys playing with 4 other dogs that come to visit her regularly. She is also great with children and she loves being around people.

Sweet Lips is a wonderful dog. The only complaint we have is that she likes to hog the bed! But that’s something we’re willing to live with because we totally love her.


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