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They Picked Me! by: Bonnie

I owned cats my entire life and always dreamed of having a canine companion.  I looked for months for them, and of course, they found me.  Baxter just kept staring at me the whole time I was at the pet store and scratching at the window whenever I walked by.  He weighed just 2½ pounds. He just hugged me when I held him, looked me in the eye and did not want to let go!  He’s my little huggie bear and he would just hug me all day long if I let him.  He had a companion in the crate with him and they truly loved each other.  I picked up little Nelson and asked the saleslady where the batteries were!  He was so fluffy and cute he looked like a little stuffed animal. I truly was in love with these two.

I named them after two of my grandmothers (their maiden names are Baxter and Nelson); but normally I just call them Fluffy and Scruffy or Mushy and Monkey.  

Baxter is either Scruffy or Monkey.  He always looks like he just finished guarding the junkyard all night. He thinks he’s a cat and always wants to jump on and off of everything. He loves sitting on the bench in front of the window growling and notifying me about all of the duck and bird activity outside.  

Nelson’s pet names are Fluffy or Mushy. He is so fluffy looking and sweet, he just melts in your arms.  He is the quiet one. Unlike Baxter, he would rather sleep than roam the house looking for intruders or jump on everything.  He has a little one-floor cat condo that he sleeps in day and night – he really loves it!

I am truly blessed to have my little companions.  I miss my old cat Pixie so much, but Baxter and Nelson have become part of my family and I could not imagine my life without them…


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