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Why I’m Special by: Tim

Most dogs are stuck in a rut. Everyday their owners walk them on the same streets and they visit the same parks. That's not the case for my Yorkie, Moria.

Since he was born, Moria has logged over 20,000 miles on American Airlines and gets to split his time between New York and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In New York, Moria is a real city dog. He hits the city streets with his New York attitude and braves the concrete jungle with the confidence of a Great Dane.  As a New Yorker, Moria spends time in Starbucks, walking on the Westside Highway and enjoying the daily chaos of life in New York.

But, every six months, his life changes completely. We board the plane and head south, all the way to Argentina. With our first stop in Buenos Aires, also known as the “Paris of South America,” Moria experiences the life of a “portenio.” A laid back attitude takes over and he spends his time absorbing the culture, sniffing a variety of new smells and brushing up on his Spanish (“oh; que lindo perrito”).  

While Buenos Aires is a city, similar to New York, Moria gets to travel outside of the city frequently.  Since we started traveling to Argentina, Moria has visited Patagonia, walked the trails of the Andes Mountains, crossed the border from Argentina to Chile, taken a boat ride to Uruguay and seen the amazing Iguazu Falls.   

I like to think that this makes him a special pet.  He is a true citizen of the world and the perfect travel companion.


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