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Snake Mites (Ophionyssus Natricis)

By: Dr. Ray Wak

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Discard any contaminated cage furniture (branches, plants, substrates, decorations) that have been in a cage that has been diagnosed with mites. Carefully use very hot water to clean all non porous surfaces of the cage and kill any remaining mite eggs. Allow the cage to dry completely before replacing the pet in the cage.

Some of the older insecticides have toxic odors and must be used with adequate ventilation. Some veterinarians may prescribe a separate insecticide to use to kill mites in the cage. Follow the directions carefully to avoid having the product come in contact with your pet.

Administer all medication according to your veterinarian's instructions, and observe your pet's general activity level and interest. If these worsen, contact your veterinarian. Schedule regular veterinary visits to monitor the condition.

Closely examine all new purchases prior to bringing the animal into a home with other reptiles. Use a magnifying lens if necessary. If the previous owner of the reptile has a history of having animals infested with mites, it may be wise to have your veterinarian treat your new pet prophylactically prior to bringing it into your household.

Whenever possible, all new pet reptiles should be quarantined for 90 days prior to exposing current pets to the new animals. Examine the animals closely several times during the quarantine period to make sure that they are not infested with mites.

Have your pet reptile examined on a regular basis by your veterinarian to make sure that it does not have mites.

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Snake Mites (Ophionyssus Natricis)

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