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Abdominal Distension in Cats
Abscess in Cats
Acute Collapse in Cats
Acute Diarrhea in Cats
Alopecia (Hair Loss) in Cats
Anemia in Cats
Anisocoria (unequal pupil sizes) in Cats
Anorexia (Loss of Appetite) in Cats
Anuria (Lack of Urination) in Cats
Ascites in Cats
Blindness in Cats
Bruising and Bleeding in Cats
Cerebral Edema in Cats
Chronic Coughing in Cats
Chronic Diarrhea in Cats
Chronic Vomiting in Cats
Cloudy Eye in Cats
Constipation in Cats
Cyanosis (Blue Coloration) in Cats
Deafness in Cats
Decrease in Appetite in Cats
Dehydration in Cats
Dyschezia (Painful Defecation) in Cats
Dysphagia (Difficult Swallowing) in Cats
Dyspnea (Trouble Breathing) in Cats
Dysuria (Trouble Urinating) in Cats
Ear Discharge in Cats
Epiphora (Excessive Tearing) in Cats
Epistaxis (Nose Bleed) in Cats
Facial Swelling in Cats
Fever in Cats
Flatulence in Cats
Gastroenteritis in Cats
Halitosis (Bad Breath) in Cats
Head Tilt in Cats (Vestibular Signs)
Hematemesis (Vomiting Blood) in Cats
Hematochezia (Blood in Stool) in Cats
Hematuria (Blood in Urine) in Cats
Hemoabdomen & Hemoperitoneum: Abdominal Bleeding in Cats
Hemothorax: Bleeding in the Chest in Cats
Hypokalemia (low blood potassium) in Cats
Jaundice in Cats
Lack of Hair Growth in Cats
Lameness (limping) in Cats
Lethargy in Cats
Licking of Genital Area in Cats
Malabsorption in Cats
Mammary Gland Swelling in Cats
Melena (Blood in Stool) in Cats
Neck and Back Pain in Cats
Obesity in Cats
Ocular (Eye) Discharge in Cats
Ocular (Eye) Pain and Squinting in Cats
Optic Neuritis in Cats
Pain in Cats
Panting in Cats
Pollakiuria (frequent urination) in Cats
Polydipsia and Polyuria (excessive drinking and urinating) in Cats
Polyphagia (Increased food consumption) in Cats
Preputial Discharge (Licking Penis) in Cats
Proteinuria (Excessive Protein in Urine) in Cats
Pruritus (Itchiness) in Cats
Ptyalism (Hypersalivation) in Cats
Red Eye in Cats
Regurgitation in Cats
Scooting in Cats
Seizure Disorders in Cats
Skin Discharge or Odor in Cats
Skin Growth, Lump, Swelling or Mass in Cats
Skin Lesion or Sore in Cats

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