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Choosing a Weimaraner
Choosing a Welsh Corgi
Choosing a Welsh Springer Spaniel
Choosing a Welsh terrier
Choosing a West Highland White Terrier
Choosing a Wetterhoun
Choosing a Whippet
Choosing a Wirehaired Fox Terrier
Choosing a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Choosing a Xoloitzcuintli - Xoloitzcuintli Breed Profile
Choosing an Affenpinscher
Choosing an Afghan Hound
Choosing an Airedale
Choosing an Akita
Choosing an Alaskan Malamute
Choosing an American Cocker Spaniel
Choosing an American Eskimo
Choosing an American Foxhound
Choosing an American Staffordshire Terrier
Choosing an American Water Spaniel
Choosing an Anatolian Shepherd
Choosing an Australian Cattle Dog
Choosing an Australian Shepherd
Choosing an Australian terrier
Choosing an English Cocker Spaniel
Choosing an English Foxhound
Choosing an English Pointer
Choosing an English Setter
Choosing an English Springer Spaniel
Choosing an English Toy Spaniel
Choosing an Ibizan Hound
Choosing an Irish Setter
Choosing an Irish Terrier
Choosing an Irish Water Spaniel
Choosing an Irish Wolfhound
Choosing an Italian Greyhound
Choosing an Old English Sheepdog
Choosing an Otterhound
Cockapoos - Choosing a Cockapoo
Cocker Spaniels - Choosing a Cocker Spaniel - Dog Breeds
Dogs Good For Men - 13 Manly Masculine Dog Breeds
English Bulldogs - Choosing an English Bulldog
German Shepherds - Choosing a German Shepherd
Giant Dog Breeds
Golden Retrievers - Choosing a Golden Retriever
Goldendoodles: Choosing a Goldendoodle
Great Danes - Choosing a Great Dane - Dog Breeds
Irish Dog Breeds
Irish Red and White Setter - Choosing an Irish Red and White Setter
Irish Wolfhound Puppies
Is a German shepherd Right for You? Survey Results from German shepherd Owners
Is a Labrador Retriever Right for You? Survey Results from Lab Owners
Labradoodle - Choosing a Labradoodle
Labrador Retrievers - Choosing a Labrador Retriever
Large Dog Breeds
Malteses - Choosing a Maltese
Medium Dog Breeds
Miniature Schnauzers - Choosing a Miniature Schnauzer - Dog Breeds
Morkie: Choosing a Morkie
Norwegian Buhund Breed Profile - Choosing a Norwegian Buhund
Peekapoo - Choosing a Peekapoo
Pomapoo - Choosing a Pomapoo
Pomeranians - Choosing a Pomeranian - Dog Breeds
Poodles - Choosing a Poodle
Pugs - Choosing a Pug
Pyrenean Shepherd (Berger des Pyrenees) Breed Profile
Rat Terrier - Choosing a Rat Terrier
Rottweilers - Choosing a Rottweiler
Schnoodle - Choosing a Schnoodle
Shih Tzus - Choosing a Shih Tzu - Dog Breeds

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“I just wanted to let you know how helpful your website was for information when my dog Buddy was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.
Your website was able to give me access 24 hours a day to information whenever I needed it.”

 Rosie T.


“I just wanted to say this is the best pet health info site I have been able to find and believe me I have been searching. Thank you for being here!!”

 Dawn P.


“I got to your address thru a Google Search & could not believe the information available.
The only suggestion I can give to you is KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!”

 Carolyn S.


”I have been a professional dog trainer, handler, and behaviorist for over 38 years. I want to applaud Pet Place for their excellent site and the reference material you publish.”

 John L.

 Chico, CA.

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