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20 Special Dog Moments in America
2001: The Year in Review
2006 Westminster Dog Show Entries!
2012 - Pet Ownership on the Decline – Find out More!
2013's Record-Breaking Animals
5 Risk Factors for Canine Arthritis
75% of U.S. Dogs Think Bush-Bites!
911 Rescue Dogs Show No Signs of Nasal Cancer
A Day in the Life of A Bomb Sniffing Dog
A Dog’s Nose Knows: Dogs that Search for Termites and Bed Bugs
A Scottie named "Sadie" Takes Westminster Dog Show 2010!
A Sussex Spaniel (the Oldest Dog Ever to Win) Takes Westminster Dog Show 2009!
A Technician’s Night in the Veterinary ER
AKC Museum of the Dog
An Interview with a Pet Wellness Veterinarian
An Interview with a Veterinary Dermatologist
An Interview with a Veterinary Internist
An Interview with a Veterinary Nutritionist
An Interview with a Veterinary Ophthalmologist
An Interview with an Internal Medicine Veterinarian
Animal Control Officers - What Do They Do?
Animal Lover "Tony" La Russa
Animal Shelters Fear Rise in Homeless Dalmatians After '102 Dalmatians'
Answers to Celebrity Animals Quiz
Answers to Dalmatian IQ Test
April is Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month
Are Veterinarians Over-vaccinating?
Are We Normal Yet?
Are You the Average Pet Owner?
ASPCA Providing Rescue for Stranded Animals of WTC
Attacks on Guide Dogs
Baseball Goes to the Dogs
Beagle Takes Westminster Dog Show 2008 for First time EVER!
Benji Is Healing After Emergency Surgery
Bichon Frise Wins Best in Show at Westminster 2001
Blessing of the Animals to Draw Thousands
Breaking Records: Most Jumps by a Dog
Bull Terrier (colored) Takes Westminster Dog Show 2006!
California Fires Affect Pets
Can Dogs Detect Disease?
Can Dogs Spread Ebola? Get the Facts
Can Your Dog Be a Blood Donor Dog?
Can Your Dog Get Mad Cow Disease from his Food?
Canine Heritage Test: DNA Reveals Mixed Breeds’ Makeup
Canine Heros
Canine Influenza Virus (Dog Flu)
Careers Working with Animals
Cast Your Vote for the Great American Mutt
Celebrate National Pet Week: May 6 -12, 2007
Celebrity Animals - Test Your IQ
Celebrity Dogs: What Kind of Dogs do the Celebs Have?
Charity Auction set for December 29th
Check Your Dalmatian IQ
Cloning Pets – Is This a Good Idea?
Comfortis™ and Ivermectin Interaction Safety Warning
Common Allergies - What If You and Your Dog Are Allergic To Each Other?
Consumer Reports: Pricey Pet Food Not Necessarily Better
Consumers Buying Sick and Dying Animals from Pet Stores
CSI: Animal Forensics
Dancer - Candidate for World’s Smallest Dog
Did Paris Hilton Popularize the Chihuahua?
Do Certain Foods Treat Disease?
Dog Breed Registration Statistics of AKC Breeds
Dog Fighting: The Pit of Despair
Dog on Death Row for More Than Seven Years
Dog Power!
Dogs and Cats as Blood Donors
Dogs and Cats Vote for President 2008 - Are Cats More LIBERAL Than Dogs?
Dogs and Love: An Interview with Creator Alejandro Russo
Dogs Defend Against Terrorism

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