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Dogs That Can Foretell Their Owners' Seizures
Dogs That Work - A Labor Day Salute
Dogs, Cats and Hens? Meet the Real Gridiron Mascots
Faithful Service: A Salute to the Dogs of War
Fall Fashions 2001
Famous Dogs in History
First Drug to Treat Cancer in Dogs Approved
For the Love of the Mutt: The 2004 Great American Mutt Contest
Foreclosure Crisis: Don’t Leave Your Pets
Fort Dodge Reintroduces ProHeart 6 to U.S. Market
Fur Balls Meet Their Match with the New Pet Hair Eraser™ Vacuum
German Shorthaired Pointer Takes Westminster Dog Show 2005!
Get Ready for the Westminster Dog Show 2008 - Look Who's Entered!
Get Ready for the Westminster Dog Show 2009 - Look Who's Entered!
Glasses for Dogs?
Going Green is Going Brown: Using Dog Feces as an Alternative Energy Source
Golden Girl’s Creature Comforts
Grant Program Helps Families Care for Pets
Great Book Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover - Volume II
Greyhound Racing Comes Under Fire
Guide Dogs - Then and Now
Hawaii Quarantines Incoming Dogs for Rabies
Help During Disaster: State Animal Response Team’s (SART)
Hero Hounds That Sniff Out and Rescue People
Hero Rescue Dogs Need Your Help
Heroes of the World Trade Center
Hope for Abused Animals
How Many Pets are in the US?
How Owning a Dog Can Help Your Child
How to Become a Veterinarian
How to Report a Pet Food Complaint to the FDA
Human, Animal Specialists Team Up to Treat Tumors in Dogs
Important Safety Tips for Pets This 4th of July
Into the Breach: Vet Teams Deploy to New York, Washington
It's Pet Time with Teacher's Pet Doris Day
Jack Russell Groups in Dogfight Over Standards
JFK Jr.'s Beloved Dog
Joint Update: FDA/USDA Update on Tainted Animal Feed
Katrina’s Canine Heroes
Kerry Blue Terrier Wins Westminster Dog Show 2003
Kids Pet Poetry Contest Winners – Read these Poems
Kids Who Care! American Humane Awards Kids Demonstrating Kindness to Animals
Labrador Retriever # 1 and Yorkshire Terrier #2 Dogs in America
Making a Difference as an Emergency Veterinarian for Dogs
Making of a Champion
Martha Stewart: A Pet’s Good Friend
Memorial Day Tribute: Dogs Serving America
Military Dogs in Iraq: It's no Walk in the Park
Millions of Dogs at Risk for Painful Canine Arthritis
Mine-Sniffing Dogs Head to Lebanon to Save Lives
Miniature Poodle Takes the 2002 Westminster Dog Show
Most Popular Dog Health Articles
Move Over Kelly Clarkson: Teach your Dog to Sing!
MyPet: Create a Personal/Health Journal for Your Dog
Need a Cure for the Work Week Blues? Host your Own Yappie Hour!
New Safe Air Transport Law For Pets
New Designs in Animal Hospitals
Newfoundland Wins Best in Show at Westminster 2004
No one Loves Black Dogs
No Rush to Get Dalmatians After Latest Movie
No Such Thing as "Bad" Fat for Dogs and Cats
November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month
NYC Pet Project: Ben Vereen's Little Manager
NYC Pet Project: Rescuing Taz
NYC Pet Project: Stars of Our Hearts
Penguins, Cows, Llamas - They All Came to Be Blessed
Pet Food Warning
Pet Theft on the Rise – Tips to Prevent Pet Theft
Petplace Owners Speak out on Pet Marriage!
PetPlace PetCrazy Dog Owner Pledge

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