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My dog keeps trying to pee but nothing comes out
My dog likes to eat roadkill…what can I do?
My dog recently died – do I need to report his death to the microchip company?
My Dog was diagnosed with Jaundice
My dog was diagnosed with mast cell tumor – what can I do?
My dog was hit with a broom. Can dogs get headaches?
My dog was shot
My dog was spayed but is now spotting blood – is she okay?
My dog wets when he gets excited
My dog's ear smells bad
My dog’s dewclaws were removed and he went swimming and got his bandages wet
My dogs have chewed pieces of the leather off and are eating them.
My King Charles Cavalier had a seizure and has a high WBC – Why?
My lab came home drooling and clumsy – why?
My Lab was in our Yard and Is Now Limping – What should I do?
My Labrador has Mange
My male dog does not lift his leg when he urinates. Is that a problem?
My mother's Yorkie is a very picky eater
My neighbors are neglecting /maybe abusing their dog – what can I do?
My Puppy gets car sick
My puppy has urinary incontinence and is itching her vagina
My puppy is sick, wont eat and is very weak
My vet says my dog has a knee luxation. What does that mean?
Natural Dog Food - Vet’s Advice On Natural Dog Food
Need Advice - My Dog is Taking Seizure Meds and is Still Having Seizures
New Dog Introduction
Normal vitals for a dog
Not house-trained pup, can we leave him outside?
Nutritional Recipe Needed
Old shepherd with bad teeth – should he have a dental?
One year old German Shorthaired Pointer eating feces
Our German shepherd started to growl at me when I approach him. What should I do
Over The Counter Dog Medications - Vet’s Advice On Over The Counter Dog Meds
Over the Counter people pain meds for dogs
Painful defecation in my dog
Pet Insurance and NAIFA - What is NAIFA?
Pit bull puppy and new baby
Pitbull with difficult breathing
Pregnant dog in labor
Puppies and Tail Docking
Puppy Dog Ramps: Vet’s Advice On Puppy Dog Ramps
Puppy is Vomiting
Puppy jumping up on everyone
Puppy won’t eat his food – what should I do?
Question about Kennel Cough
Recipes Homemade Dog Cat Treats: Vet's Advice On Recipes Homemade Dog Cat Treats
Retinal Detachment in a Dog – Advice for Blind Dogs
Rhodesian Ridgeback with Mast Cell Tumor
Screaming in crate
Separation anxiety in a Boxer
Shampoo Bar For Dog - Vet’s Advice On Shampoo Bar For Dogs
Should an aggressive dog be sedated before seeing the veterinarian?
Should I Avoid Getting a dog with Patellar Problems?
Should I board my puppy?
Should I feel guilty boarding my dog when on vacation?
Should I get another dog?
Should I give my dog calcium supplements?
Should I take my dog into the vet for diarrhea?
Should my dog get the Lyme disease vaccine?
Should my dog’s inguinal hernia be fixed?
Should my puppy have a crate?
Should senior dogs get shots and can they cause breathing problems?
Should we have a splenectomy done on our dog?
Sick dog - vomiting and vaginal bleeding
Sick Puppy
Sick puppy choking on milk and trouble breathing
Sick Rotweiller
Small puppy got into my diabetes pill
Smelly Dog
Sprayed by a Skunk

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