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16-year-old cat - hungry, loosing weight and having accidents
8-year-old female housesoiling
A cat living in an abandoned building that was demolished…what do I do?
A feral cat came in my house – How do I get it out?
Acetaminophen in cat food – Tylenol scare – is it real?
Advice for a cat That Needs a New Home Because He is Urinating in the House
Advice for Cat Having Collapse or Seizure
Advice for cat with hair mat problem
Advice for Dealing with Hairballs
Advice for Panting Scared Cat
Advice for Siamese kitten that is suckling on things
Advice for why a cat lost his appetite
Advice on cat that gets dirty – does he need baths?
Advice on Declawed Cats and Cat Trees
Advise on kitten care
Anal discharge and scooting in a cat
Anemic senior cat
Are black cats more at risk for sunburns or heat problems?
Are cats loners? Do they need feline companionship to be mentally healthy?
Are grapes and raisins bad for cats?
Are olives bad for cats?
Are poinsettia plants toxic?
Are you ever going to recommend raw food for pets?
Ask Dr. Debra - Answers to Previous Cat Questions
Aspirin and pet liver
Behavior change in a kitten after vaccination
Best Low Magnesium Cat Food - Vet’s Advice On Best Low Magnesium Cat Food
Big cat having a hard time grooming her bottom
Bipolar disorder in a cat?
Bites caused by walking dandruff – what is that?
Can a Cat Cough up Heartworms?
Can a cat get a copperhead bite?
Can a spayed feline still nurse her kittens?
Can Baytril be given subcutaneous to a cat?
Can cats be regretful? Do cats actually regret?
Can cats cause Baylisascaria Infection in children?
Can cats die from carbon monoxide?
Can cats experience physical reactions to stress such as vomiting?
Can cats get “gas” or “fart”?
Can cats get a disease called IMHA?
Can Cats Get Colds?
Can cats get lead poisoning?
Can cats get over Asthma?
Can cats get pregnant while still nursing kittens?
Can cats get sick from "Cat Scratch Disease" or just people get sick?
Can cranberry juice or extract be given to cats for urinary problems or urinary
Can diabetes mellitus in cats go away and then reoccur (transient)?
Can ear mites be transferred to humans?
Can Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) infected cat pass it to humans?
Can I give Helicobacter pylori infection to my cat?
Can I kennel train our cat like a dog?
Can I mix Antirobe with my cat's food?
Can I send you my cat photos?
Can I use a baby aspirator on my kitten’s cold and stuffy nose?
Can my cat be spayed if she is still nursing?
Can my cat get a blood transfusion?
Can my cat get Greenies with hyperthyroidism and kidney stones?
Can you deal with cat hair by vacuuming your cat?
Can you get ringworm from a cat that shows no symptoms?
Can you give a cat Tylenol for a fever?
Can you train a cat?
Can you use Program (lufenuron) to treat ringworm?
Cat loosing hair and lump on left side
Cat acting dizzy - Vertigo?
Cat acting weird
Cat behavior and health
Cat biting when petted
Cat chewing on cords
Cat Dandruff
Cat diagnosed with hypercalcemia

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