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My cat likes to eat pasta – is that bad?
My cat likes to nuzzle and love bite me. What do I do?
My cat lost all her kittens and seems lost – what can I do?
My cat that is having trouble getting adjusted to life without her companions?
My cat vomits occasionally but acts okay – do you think that is a problem?
My cat was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor
My cat was diagnosed with stud tail
My cat was diagnosed with subcutaneous emphysema
My cat was fixed and is now urinating around the house
My cat was healthy and just died - why?
My cat was missing and is now very sick – had a seizure – what should I do?
My cat was recently in a house fire. Will he live?
My cat was recently spayed but the male cats still want to mate with her
My cat's weight
My cats tongue is always poking out
My kitten is picking on my older cat – what do I do?
My male cat doesn’t like other cats – is it okay to get a male kitten?
My old cat is urinating all over the house – what can I do?
My son is allergic to cats. Is there a breed that has less dander?
My vet has the personality of a cucumber
Neutered cat and testosterone hormone levels
New rescued kitten who drips pinkish urine
Not only wheat gluten was contaminated. Is that true?
Nutrition for shiny coats
One of my cats immediately vomits after eating
Opinions on Declaws: You are an #$%^&* for telling people that it is ok
Our cat had an injured tail and now he has chewed it off. What can I do?
Our cat is sick – with trouble breathing – what should I do?
Owner gone for 24 hours and cat is sick
Patch of hair missing from tail area
Poo (feces) sticks to my cat’s hair – what can I do?
Pregnant woman concerned about risk of fleas and mice
Premium Cat Food - Vet’s Advice On Premium Cat Food
Product that almost killed my cat
Putting weight on a 16 year old cat. How?
Question about FIP
Question on cat gender and age
Ragdoll cat biting his claws!
Remedy For Cat Fleas - Vet’s Advice On Remedy For Cat Fleas
Remove Cat Urine Odor - Vet’s Advice On Remove Cat Urine Odor
Removing Cat Urine Odor - Vet’s Advice On Removing Cat Urine Odor
Resources For Soldiers Wanting To Adopt Pets Overseas
Rodney our Ragdoll cat
Sad Senior Cat Not Eating , Vomiting and Weak
Scared adopted cats
Seed like things around my cat's bed?
Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box - Vet’s Advice On Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box
Sensitive Stomach Cat Food - Vet’s Advice On Sensitive Stomach Cat Food
Shaking of the legs in a young cat
Shots for kittens
Should an indoor only cat be treated for fleas? Does Vitamin B prevent fleas?
Should I breed my cat so my kids will learn about life?
Should I declaw my cat?
Should I get another cat for my current cat?
Should I take my cat with me or Get a Cat sitter?
Should I vaccinate my cat for FIV?
Should I worry about Lead in my cat’s toys and bowls?
Should I worry about my cats only weighing 7 pounds?
Should my vet refund my money for medications my pet didn't use?
Should you put a cat that has been indoors and outdoors to sleep if he is injure
Sick cat and neutering
Sick Persian cat
Sneezing Cat
Soldier in Iraq has Cat Questions
Stray cat bit me
Stray cat with health problems
Suggestions on treatment for stomatitis
Taurine seems to help an 18-year-old cat
Tear stains and eye drainage in a Persian cat
Terrible flea infestation – what can I do?

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