A talented pet Bulldog plays guitar.

Check Out 10 of Our Favorite Talented Pet Videos

These pets have a few furtastic tricks up their sleeves!

1. @rowdy_dachshund

You better call Rowdy a doctor… because she’s totally sick!

2. @rattogram

Holy Squeaks! This rat can fly.

3. @otis_and_lunabuns

There’s just no bunny quite like you.

4. @littlewolfiebird

These two birdies are showing off some impeckable skills.

5. @leonard_you_rascal

The purrfect key.

6. @bunny.nyc

Everybunny needs a yoga partner.

7. @whataboutbunny

Apparently, dogs can talk. How pawsome is that?

8. @yukimidaifuku_0224

This doggo is furreally good at ring toss.

9. @happyyorkiefamily

A talented Yorkie doing a paw stand.

10. @marypiggins

This oinktastic pig is the new Beethoven.