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How to Build an Aviary

Keeping birds is becoming a popular pastime. In fact, the days of the single cockatiel in a cage is quickly being replaced by aviaries. Aviaries can be beautiful and fun projects to plan. But, before jumping into this hobby, one should always do plenty of research ahead of time. You can avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes by asking questions of professionals.

There are two different types of aviaries that most fanciers build, the free standing full flight cage and the suspended aviary. The type of aviary that you choose to build depends on a couple of things. The climate where you are going to keep the aviary is the most important factor. If you live in an extreme climate that gets very cold or very hot, you may want to consider an indoor aviary. Mild climates can usually sustain an outdoor aviary. The suspended types are very good for ventilation and they also keep pests from making a home with your birds. However, the full flight style is roomy and easy to clean.

Another thing to consider is what exactly you want your aviary for. Some people keep birds for breeding purposes. In this case, your aviary will have to be partitioned because some birds can get aggressive during breeding and will need to be isolated. Full flight aviaries are usually best suited for breeders because they make it easier to access the birds. If you want to build your aviary for your pet birds, either type will work. It just depends on your taste.

When choosing what types of birds to place into your aviary, the best idea is to check with professionals. Certain types of birds are known to coexist well together, while others are known to fight. For example, society finches get along with most other birds, even going so far as to fostering other birds’ young. On the other hand, exotic finches need to be separated from most other species. Asking your local professionals will make choosing a lot simpler as nothing beats personal experience.

With a little research and some elbow grease, your aviary can turn into a very gratifying hobby.


When building your aviary, there are several things that need to be considered. Following is a basic list: