How to Groom Your Budgie

Budgies – or parakeets – are one of the world's most popular pets. Easy to care for, these cheerful birds came originally from Australia – hence, the name Budgerigar, which comes from the indigenous language of the Continent Down Under. In the wild, the birds are usually bright green, but pet birds come in a colorful palette of blues, yellows, greens, grays and white. Here's how to keep a pet parakeet looking his best:

Ceiling fans. Make sure you turn them off before you let the bird out to play.

Stoves. Turn them off and remove hot food before releasing the bird from his cage.

Toilets. Make sure the cover is down: Birds have been known to drown in them.

Windows and doors. Make sure they're closed so the bird can't fly out. Also be sure to put the bird back in his cage before answering a doorbell – escapes happen quickly, especially if the bird is startled.