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Keys to Keeping a Bird Healthy

Pet birds are often characterized as easy to care for when well but almost impossible to deal with when sick. The reason is simply that birds properly cared for to begin with rarely get sick. When they do, well-kept birds usually fare quite well while neglected birds…don’t.

Providing optimal care for a pet bird is really quite simple. The key is education. Responsible pet bird owners educate themselves on the appropriate care of their particular pets. Diets, caging requirements, even social obligations of birds differ tremendously among those species commonly found in the pet trade. Potential owners should learn those particulars long before they ever bring the bird home. A few factors can make a great difference in the life of a pet bird:

While these tasks are not overwhelmingly difficult, all are critical to a bird’s well being. Attending to these needs will maximize the likelihood of a comfortable, healthy life.